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Web 3.0 Talks: The Whats, Hows, and Whys of NFTs

Web 3.0 Talks: The Whats, Hows, and Whys of NFTs

June 10, 2021 23:00 GMT+7
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In the past few months NFTs have exploded in popularity, with their different use cases – from gaming to art to real estate - hitting the mainstream media and taking the world by storm. But how do you filter the hype from real potential?  

These new forms of blockchain-based unique digital assets contain physical collectible rights or digital media such as art, videos, music, gifs, games, text, memes, or code, and are setting the stage for a new digital economy. Enterprises, entrepreneurs, creators and speculators are beginning to take notice. 

Whether you are already in the space or interested in seeing how you can get involved, tune into the panel discussion to hear the latest on the NFT space from the market players themselves. 


  • Witek Radomski, CTO & Co-Founder, Enjin
  • Shabane Shaame, Co-founder, EverdreamSoft


  • Phil Lucsok, Ecosystem Communications Manager, Parity Technologies

They will explore:

  • What are NFT’s and why are they important?
  • Where are their now and what are the major trends in the market?
  • How will NFT’s evolve in the coming years?
  • What are the different NFT business models that are being explored?
  • How can developers seize this powerful trend and build the NFT products and platforms of tomorrow?
  • What does the intersection of DeFi & NFT’s look like?
  • How can they address some of the NFT market challenges to support further adoption, such as increasing the quality of user experience, lowering transaction fees, and moving from fragmented to interoperable ecosystems?
  • How are consumer NFTs creating new revenue streams for brands and creators and enabling deeper connections with fans?

Who is this event for: 

  • creators designing their own NFTs or planning to explore their benefits
  • startup founders and startup enthusiasts already in the space or with interest in it 
  • enterprises interested in leveraging NFTs in their business
  • investment funds and private investors looking to diversify their portfolio
  • freelancers and companies providing complementary services 
  • employees of startups with digital business models
  • journalists from the economics and technology 
  • other groups of people with an interest in capital markets, crypto assets, technology, and digitization


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