The 2nd Polkadot Hackathon

The 2nd Polkadot Hackathon

July 18, 2021 05:00 UTC

With the maturity of the heterogeneous cross-chain protocol Polkadot (Polkadot), the blockchain will enter the era of multi-chain interconnection. Polkadot connects multiple different parachains together. Parachains can interact and collaborate with multiple chains. Just like computers in the Internet era, they can carry more and richer distributed applications.

Polkadot is undoubtedly the best blockchain framework for building a full set of commercial infrastructure, and Substrate aims to provide developers with tools for developing Web3.0 applications and products.

They believe that the Polkadot ecology will produce a large number of brand-new distributed applications. In order to help the Polkadot ecological development and cultivate more Web3.0 infrastructure and applications, They launched the "Polkadot Hackathon" to help Substrate developers better follow suit. 0 to 1 Form a team and start a landing project to build innovative products of the Polkadot ecology. The winning team will receive generous bonuses, technical and resource support, and become a member of the Polkadot ecology in a true sense.

The second summer Polkadot Hackathon Developer Entrepreneurship Competition was officially opened on May 13th . It was co-hosted by Parity, Web3 Foundation, OneBlock+ community and PolkaWorld, and co-sponsored by IOSG, SNZ, Hashkey, Fenbushi Capital and Multicoin.

1. Activity highlights

  • Parity's official Substrate Developer Competition to jointly explore the Polkadot ecological innovation project;

  • ¥300000 (DOT) bonus pool + deep incubation of the fund bonus pool of multiple head institutions;

  • 52 days of online preparation time + 48 hours of fun Hack challenge, there is plenty of room to play;

  • Weekly Workshop+Office Hour technical Q&A, senior instructors share experience;

  • Multi-dimensional review: technology and investment professional review panel + live Hacker voting + user online referendum;

  • High-quality teams will have the opportunity to enter the Substrate Builder Program, Kickstarter program and Web3 & Wanxiang Bootcamp training camp;

2. Jury lineup

The Polkadot Hackathon Organizing Committee is honored to introduce to you the judges of the second hackathon competition. The 16 judges are composed of Parity official technical mentors, top domestic institutional investors, media and community leaders. They help the Substrate eco-developers to grow up and jointly explore the latest value projects of the Polkadot ecosystem.

Online preliminary review committee:

  • Helena | Parity 亚洲商务及运营负责人

  • Jimmy | Parity 工程师

  • 周俊 | Parity 工程师

Offline DemoDay judges:

  • 贾瑶琪 | Parity 亚洲负责人

  • Jimmy | Parity 工程师

  • 王大锤 | Parity 工程师

  • 琴文 | Web3 基金会社区经理

  • 黄凌波 | 分布式资本 合伙人

  • Mable | Multicoin Partner

  • Jacob | HashKey Capital 投资经理

  • Ray Xiao | IOSG 投资总监

  • 梁强 | SNZ CTO

  • 雅珣 | OneBlock+ 创始人

  • 晓杰 | PolkaWorld 联合发起人

  • 刘锋 | 链闻 联合创始人

  • 岳利鹏 | Patract 创始人

  • 王雷 | 巴比特 CEO

3. Multi-level bonus pool

A. Treasury prize pool:

This competition system has official prizes from the Polkadot Treasury, which are the champion, the second prize, the third prize, the most popular prize in the community, and the most popular prize for developers.

Champion: 80,000 RMB (issued in DOT)

Second prize: 40,000 RMB (issued in DOT)

Third prize: 20,000 RMB (issued in DOT)

The most popular prize in the community: 5,000 RMB (issued in DOT)

Most Popular Award by Developers: 5,000 RMB (issued in DOT)

B. Bonus pool of investment institutions:

Many institutions such as Fenbushi Capital, Hashkey, IOSG, SNZ, etc. can vote for their favorite team regardless of the award rankings ( each team is worth $2,000 in DOT ).

C. IOSG Kickstarter plan bonus pool:

The top three winning teams of the second Polkadot hackathon can directly enter the Kickstarter program candidate queue launched by IOSG Ventures. Teams that pass the review will receive a reward of 10,000 to 100,000 U.S. dollars , and the teams that fail the review will also provide them with a full range of rewards. Support, including but not limited to technology development, product construction, community construction, talent introduction, etc.

4. Important time schedule

  • Registration time: May 13th

  • Team interview time: May 20th (19:00-22:00 every night)

  • Team time for individual participants: June 1st at 19:00

  • Online Co-coding Time: May 17th-July 5th

  • Make a github team: Start on May 30

  • 6 online Workshop & Office Hour: June 1st-June 30th

  • Deadline for registration: June 30

  • Deadline for initial code submission: July 5th at 23:59

  • Online approval before the game: July 6-July 8

  • Online approval announcement time: July 9

  • Offline Demo Day: July 17th-July 18th

  • The final result was announced: July 18th afternoon

5. Who is suitable for attending?

  • Early teams or individuals who are developing the Polkadot ecological project or using Substrate for development;

  • Developers who master Rust and Substrate programming skills ;

  • Introductory players who want to learn Substrate development ;

  • In worked on the project Ethernet Square, EOS, NEAR, SOLANA other public chain of Substrate / Boca ecological interest groups or individuals;

  • Individuals or teams who are optimistic about the Polkadot ecology and want to find a suitable entrepreneurial direction in the Polkadot ecology;

  • Internet or traditional industry practitioners, teams or individuals who want to start a blockchain business;

  • People who have expertise in blockchain development, front-end development, Dapp development, design, products, business, etc. and are interested in innovation.

6. You will reap

  • Improve the understanding of Substrate and transform theoretical knowledge into practice;

  • Obtain the Substrate technology development guidance, and actually fight a landed Polkadot ecological project;

  • One-stop funding, technology, and community incubation support provided by this hackathon;

  • Interview with OneBlock+, Substrate's first technology community;

  • Obtaining community resource support and media exposure such as OneBlock+, PolkaWorld, Lianwen, and Babbitt;

  • The attention of many well-known investment institutions such as the Web3 Foundation and Wanxiang Laboratory;

  • Get to know the first batch of Substrate technology developers in China, and form a team from 0 to 1 to work side by side;

  • Get a certificate of entry and cool game surroundings and gifts.

7. Technical resource reference

Substrate allows you to create a customized blockchain by making and integrating different modules. It comes with everything needed to build a blockchain. Using the Substrate module, you can easily create the content you need, or make your own custom logic, making the construction of the blockchain faster, easier, and safer than ever.


  • Chain upgrade without hard fork: Upgrading the blockchain has never been easier. With Substrate, upgrading on-chain logic is as easy as submitting a transfer transaction.

  • Cross-language support for WebAssembly : WebAssembly is the next web standard. You can write your blockchain logic in any language, including C/C++, C#, Typescript and Rust, and then compile it to WebAssembly format.

  • Directly compatible with the Polkadot network: Your Substrate blockchain will be compatible with the Polkadot network, so that it can easily become a parachain of the Polkadot network and communicate with other chains.

  • Future-oriented blockchain: With functions such as no-fork on-chain upgrades, lightweight clients, and off-chain working machines, your Substrate blockchain is ready for the innovation brought about by future Web 3.0.

A. For early beginners in Substrate / Polkadot:

Here is the most comprehensive explanation of Substrate technical knowledge points . Covers knowledge points from concept introduction to specific code implementation. It is the best place for beginners to learn about Substrate.

A hands-on tutorial that teaches you how to use Substrate to make your own dApp and build a front-end to interact with it . This can be created from the beginning as evidence on chain applications .

The " Substrate Technology Development Course '' jointly created by Parity Asia's official engineer and OneBlock+ technical community , with 6 online video courses and code assignments after each class, will take you to learn Substrate from 0 to 1.

Here is an explanation of part of the behavior of the Polkadot network and the principles behind it.

Explain how to use Polkadot-JS API to create interaction between the client and Substrate and subscribe to information on the chain.

The most detailed Substrate blockchain front end and wallet

Full- featured Substrate blockchain browser

No need to install a development environment, directly compile Substrate's online editor in the cloud

B. For experienced Substrate developers:

Here is how to complete some specific function points on Substrate

Substrate Rust API documentation

C. Community:

D. Ecological projects:

The following are some of the projects in the community to inspire your imagination:

  • Acala Network - DeFi platform on Polkadot , which facilitates the completion of mortgage, exchange, lending, lending, and earning income.

  • Stafi -the abbreviation of Stake Finance, is a DeFi agreement to release the liquidity of mortgage assets .

  • Phala Network - a trustless privacy computing cloud based on TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) .

  • Darwinia Network - a decentralized cross-chain bridge network built on Substrate . It provides a universal bridge solution that connects Polkadot, Ethereum, TRON and other heterogeneous chains through cross-chain asset transfer and universal remote chain calls. The main application areas include Defi, cross-chain NFT trading market, and games.

  • Bifrost Finance - A cross-chain network that provides liquidity for Staking .

E. Part of the project introduction of the first hackathon:

  • Apron Network - Decentralized network infrastructure . It contains a DAO governance.

  • InkBridge -Use Wasm contract technology to build a transfer bridge , sink the transfer bridges of multiple public chains (BTC, ETH, etc.) into a platform instead of a single application.

  • Deeper Network -Committed to building a truly decentralized Internet and security gateway . It aims to bring a better Internet experience for every family and become the entrance for users to Web 3.0 applications.

  • Parallel Finance - Decentralized lending and mortgage agreement .

  • SkypePass -a decentralized authentication and password management tool.

  • Web3 Games -a decentralized digital game integration platform , dedicated to providing various solutions for the blockchain WEB3 game ecology, and providing free development tools and services for blockchain game developers.

8. Ways of registration


Click on the QR code below to register. The registration period will last until 24:00 on June 30th.

Registration Method 1: Team Registration

A team of 2-5 people is recommended to participate

Registration method 2: Individual registration

Individual registration will be teamed up online after passing the screening

Note: Participation is completely free, but due to the limited number of places, participants need to prepay 99 yuan as an on-site deposit, which will be refunded on site.

*Applicants who fail the screening will receive a full refund.

*If successful applicants cannot be present after screening, the deposit will not be refunded.


After submitting the registration form, please add Miss Emma (oneblockEmma) WeChat, she will arrange the time for your video interview and please pay 99 yuan as a deposit.