Unique Network

Unique Network

A NFT Chain for Kusama and Polkadot

Project Introduction

The first NFT game to go live in the Substrate ecosystem, Substrapunks are a tribute to Crytopunks, the early NFT game built on Ethereum prior to ERC721 existed. They are to be a symbol of the power of NFTs on Substrate. They demonstrated freemium gaming, introduced by Unique Network, where transfers of NFTs are sponsored by the game creator and no Unique tokens are needed for users to buy, use or sell them.

Project History

Substrapunks game was created as a demo for Unique Network, the NFT chain for Kusama and Polkadot in scope of Hackusama, the first hackaton by Kusama, which it won. 10000 Substrapunks were created with random traits (some twins or even triplets appeared) and were claimed for free by anyone. Community has built itself organically, they traded Punks OTC in the beginning, and in November Unique Network released the marketplace for trading with the live bridge to Kusama. Substrapunks are designed to be an early community membership card for Unique Network, and will provide early access to applications built on it. 

Project Highlight

Substrapunks were originally created as a simple hackaton demo. Early community has built it into a game that has real traction and is valued by the ecosystem. As such, it will be further developed to symbolize real builders, fun and useful applications in the Polkadot/Kusama ecosystem.

Team Member

Greg Zaytsev - Idea Creator, Developer;

Eugine Shevtsov - Designer;

Alexander Mitrovich - Team Lead.

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