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A composable smart contract hosting with fail-safe, interoperable execution

Project Introduction

t3rn is a hosting platform for smart contracts, that enables trustless, interoperable execution and composable collaboration.

Project Highlight

The t3rn protocol renders smart contracts blockchain agnostic, meaning they can instantly execute on multiple blockchains. Smart contracts can be uploaded as they are and t3rn will host and securely execute them across independent blockchains, breaking the barrier to serving users across industries and blockchain platforms. Executed smart contracts are stored in t3rn’s decentralised repository and can be used by anyone, either for free or on a pay-per-use model that rewards the developer.

‍Created in collaboration with the Web3 Foundation, t3rn brings full smart contract interoperability and composable collaboration to the Polkadot ecosystem and beyond.

Team Member

Maciej Baj - Founder

Jacob Kowalewski

Chief Strategy Officer