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Shiden Network


A canary network of Astar, Multi Chain dApp Hub on Kusama

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What is Shiden Network?

Shiden Network is a canary network that acts as an R&D chain of Plasm Network. PLM token holders can claim SDN tokens, the native token of Shiden Network, at a 1:1 ratio.

- Parachain Auction: one of the initial goals of Shiden Network is to become a Kusama Parachain. Shiden will distribute 32.5% of SDN tokens to KSM lockdrop participants (Parachain Lease Offering) with a vesting period.

- Plasm Network Portal: This portal is a tool for dApps developers and PLM token holders to stake PLM, earn PLM, and deploy applications.

- Ethereum Bridge: Plams have implemented Ethereum Virtual Machine, ECDSA, Ethereum RPC, Metamask integration, Truffle integration, and Remix integration

Kusama Parachain Auction

KSM holders can directly participate in the auction from Plams portal. All you need to do is connect your Polkadot.js extension to the portal, select the locking amount and click on “Deposit.”

Shiden Network Schedule

- Plasm Network will launch Shiden Network in the middle of February after finishing PoS implementations. 

- After that, Plasm will enable token transfers and conduct redenomination. 

- User can deploy both Solidity and ink! contracts on Shiden Network through Plasm portal and earn SDN tokens.

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