General Data Protocol Platform on Polkadot


Project Introduction:

Seal Oracle is a general data protocol platform that provides unified off-chain data for different blockchain systems. Through a decentralized unified protocol and on-chain governance, it provides accurate data for various DeFi applications with different architectures, different technologies, and main chain projects. Furthermore, Seal Oracle is built on Substrate, this will help Seal Oracle easier to communicate with other parachain. Seal Oracle analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of the existing system through in-depth study of the predictive machine system with different technical architectures and concepts. Finally, it chooses the combination of Polkdot technology system, adopts multi-layer three-dimensional chain network structure, and shares the security model of Polkadot to ensure the high scalability and non-bifurcation upgradable. 

Key Features And Highlights:

Mainnet: Based on the implementation of Substrate Core, the implementation of Oracle main network supports system-level capabilities such as identity registration verification, data storage verification, system maintenance, and Seal Oracle ecological governance.

Mainland: Distributed Oracle data warehouse, combined with Substrate's Identity, Democracy and other pallets, Oracle data aggregation, system pre-governance, cache distribution and other business supports.

Collecting Microservice: Through the capability of Off chain Worker of Substrate, data acquisition, validation, packaging and other services under complex chain are realized, and a unified predictive machine data acquisition protocol without perception and smooth upgrade is realized.

Data Microservice: Based on various Pallets of flexible combined Substrate, supporting data providers can realize rich and flexible data provision methods and charge patterns, enrich the ecological terminal morphology such as Oracle, and better serve the consumers of predictive engine data.

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