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Poolz Finance

A decentralized cross-chain IDO platform, built on top of Web3 network.

Project Introduction

Poolz is a decentralized swapping protocol for cross-chain token pools and auctions, enabling projects to raise funds before listing. The core code is optimized for DAO ecosystems, and built on top of Web3 network.

Project History

While speak about DeFi, regarding the code Poolz supports fully homomorphic encryption, and Poolz library enables a secure swapping layer and OTC Trading on an encrypted, decentralized environment.

Poolz embarks on a long-term mission to disrupt and fully decentralized liquidity auctions. The project is built with a vision to facilitate greater interoperability through cross-chain interactions in order to provide to the ecosystem a fully decentralized environment. The code implements DeFi structures such as a fully decentralized system, every sales layer (swapping pools, NTF, OTC, auction deals) will be public and build on a smart contract including Staking mechanism and Governance decisions will be an integral part of the Poolz ecosystem. Furthermore, as a company, Poolz is non-custodial and all funds on the platform are held in auditable smart contracts.

As the infrastructure and the ecosystem recognize that the most important issue in order to grow is continue to build the Defi space provide the best solution for this issue.

Due to the decentralized motive that anyone can be part of a bigger picture it attracts many investors and developers that help to increase the "trend". Regarding the future there is a reason why the top blockchain infrastructure such as Binance chain, Solana, Eos, Polka. and more provide numbers of accelerators and programs that focus only on companies best on Defi.

Poolz aim to keep all the projects and technologies under fully decentralized world even when spoke about Cross chaine which by now have a big problem to use the Cross chain under decentralized and Poolz are already halfway to find a solution the will help the ecosystem

Team Project

Three founders and Poolz have an affinity for blockchain technology with vast experience in computer software

Guy Oren, the founder and CEO of Poolz, from Israel. Over the past 8 years, he have founded 3 startups. He focus is on developing solutions for the Blockchain & Fintech Industry using his knowledge and experience of working in a hyper-growth environment. In his previous role, he managed over 40 employees, raised money from private equity (angels and VC), and operated the product across 60 countries. He have experience in managing operations, P&L management, and working in a fast-moving environment.


Stan Goldin, CTO.

Stan, Poolz CTO, is an experienced founder and developer who has vast experience working in the computer software industry. Skilled in management with strong business development skills, Stan aims to make technology easy and accessible for all. His love for innovative technology brought him into the blockchain space in 2016. He has previously co-founded Cryptonex — Algo Trade.

His main focus is on Poolz Defi and to help us build the first cross-chain decentralized environment architecture designed uniquely for DAO ecosystems.


Liam Cohen, CMO.

Liam has been a crypto investor for the last 6 years. In that time, he has built valuable connections and gained high-level knowledge in blockchain and cryptocurrency. In his last role, Liam managed the community engagement at Endor Protocol, an MIT-based startup that raised over $50 million from investors such as Google and others.



DuckDAO, Ferrum Network,Genesis Block, SevenX Ventures, Alphabit, GBV Capital and Phoenix Capital.