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A cross-chain asset one-stop management, convenient staking & governance.

Project Introduction:

PolkaWallet provides cross-chain asset one-stop management, convenient staking and governance, the private key is self-owned.

Key Features And Highlights:

PolkaWallet has 4 main necessary features that any wallet user might need:

  • Assets:
    • Assets Information: View information about transferrable, locked, reserved and bonded assets.
    • Transfer & Receive: Users are free to transfer assets to any account on the network. Also by using QR code or copy the address to the other party, users can check whether the asset is received by viewing the real-time data on the chain.
    • Offline Signature: The hot wallet is used as an observation wallet and has access to the Internet, but does not have private keys. The cold wallet isolates the network and signs offline via QR code.
    • Social Recovery: Configure the account recovery plan through social relationships. In the case of forgetting the account, the lost account can be restored through the social relationship account.
    • Record: It is convenient to view account operations and track details.
  • Staking:
    Polkawallet makes it easier for validators and nominators to make their contributions, by making the charts more intuitive and having a detailed history of each validators, for better analysis and research.
    • Validator Analysis: Any instances of non-compliance with the consensus algorithms result in punishment by removal of some or all of the validator’s staked, Good performance, however, will be rewarded. Analyze them through graphs and data.
    • To Be Nominators: These participants may nominate validators to carry out validation work on their behalf. Bonding assets to a validator requires nominators to perform due diligence and constant analysis in order.
    • Common Operations: Support many common operations, including: bond/unbond, change controller, reward type, nominate, payout, and more. The user is enough to operate Staking related operations on the mobile wallet.
    • Related History: Through the Tx history, you can view the execution records of staking related operations. Through rewards/slash, you can check past details of the rewards and slashes.
  • Governance
    • Polkawallet provides a more intuitive and convenient entry point for participating in governance. If there is a new referendum/proposals, the user is reminded and you can view the details. Users can governance directly from Polkawallet and view the history governance records. So Polkawallet also improves public Referenda engagement.
    • Democracy: This application lets you view proposals and vote for or against a referendum. Anyone can create a proposal by bonding the minimum deposit for a certain period of time (No. of Blocks).
    • Council: This application lets you vote for council members or submit a candidate.
    • Treasury: This application lets you view and vote to approve or deny treasury spend proposals.Polkassembly: Discussion platform for Polkadot ecosystem governance.
  • Interchain
    Polkadot is enabling interoperability between chains, regardless of their features or their status as a private or public chain. Interoperability lets diverse chains perform arbitrary messaging, including value. This interconnectivity could encompass privacy-oriented projects, forks, permissioned chains and more.
    • Support cross-chain protocol: Cross-chain Message Passing (XCMP) can be operated in Polkawallet, so that transactions initiated in mobile wallets between various parachains can be interacted.
    • User friendly: Users do not need to face complicated cross-chain call details, and the entire process is concise and traceable.
    • Application stackability: The application interaction between various parachains will produce emergence effects and accelerate the development of ecological applications.