The One-Stop Production Hub For DeFi & NFT dApps on Kusama

PKS Utilities

Transaction Fees Payment

PolkaSmith users need to pay PKS to proceed on-chain transactions, for example computation, storage.

Network Staking

Collators, who collect transactions and produce blocks, and nominators, who nominate specific collators, can stake PKS on the network to earn rewards.

On-Chain Governance

Any PKS token holder can participate in the on-chain governance process, for example voting on proposals, and earn rewards.

Launchpad Staking

Any PKS token holder can stake PKS to join token launches on the Red Kite launchpad - PolkaSmith version.

PolkaSmith Auction Plan

8-Lease Period Parachain Duration

We bid for an 8-lease period which lasts for 48 weeks. If PolkaSmith doesn't win the first auction, we will continue to bid in the subsequent auctions.

350+ PKS/KSM Winning Rewards

If PolkaSmith wins, every KSM contributed to PolkaSmith in the Kusama Parachain auction through the crowdloan will be estimably entitled to 350 $PKS as a reward.

Referral Program

The contributors who refer others to the crowdloan using their unique code will be rewarded with 10% of the amount of PKS of those referents.

Early bird

Before 5:00 PM UTC, August 29, the top 100 contributors who lock the largest number of KSM will each receive one ticket to join the Kaby Arena ($KABY) public sale on GameFi Launchpad. Each ticket will be equivalent to a 500$ worth allocation of $KABY token.

About PolkaSmith

Implemented on Kusama Network, PolkaSmith is a canary chain of PolkaFoundry, a one-stop production hub creating borderless and frictionless DeFi & NFT applications. PolkaSmith will be a reliable platform for early-stage startups to unleash their creativity, experiment with bold new ideas, and hack the growth.

Token Allocation

Token Circulation

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