A cross-chain trade platform based on Polkadot, using Astar Network to provide higher TPS, lower transaction cost.

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Project Introduction

PolkaEx is simply a cross-chain liquidity integration platform being built on the Astar 

Network. The platform consists of a Dex to help users leverage the high tps and low fees of Astar to make Swaps easily, the platform also has a launchpad that will help projects raise funds in a decentralized way and to incentivize our users, there are also yield farming and staking features coupled with governance models to boost community engagement.

Project Highlight

PolkaEX is more than a DEX, it is a pioneering cross-chain liquidity integration platform powered by Polkadot. The PolkaEx’s team is aiming at building a one-stop DeFi platform, including a top-notch decentralized exchange with higher TPS, low transaction cost and smooth trading, as well as other functions such as launchpad and farming. 

Some highlights: 

  • Powered by the rapidly growing ecosystem Polkadot. 
  • Built on Astar network which supports EVM, ECDSA, and Solidity, allowing quick and easy deployment of Ethereum compatible smart contract. The Astar Network also brings fast & low transaction costs. 
  • Cross-chain liquidity pool, users trade tokens from different chains. 
  • Equipped with Token Launchpad, creating cross-chain token pools and raising capital for projects. 
  • The 1st DApp on both Shiden Network and Astar Network.

Project History

In January-March 2021, PolkaEx assembled the team and conducted research on cross-chain solutions and Aster Network & Polkadot, coincring with the launch of the PolkaEx website. PolkaEx completed seed and private sales by June 2021and launched IDO on Sept. 29, raising a total of $271,447.78.

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