OpenSquare Network

OpenSquare Network


A Empower Collaboration and Reputation Building with Blockchain

Project Introduction

Sometimes, there are several small parts of a business/project that need to be done but it will cost a ton of money if you keep hiring one more person for a small thing that can be done easily while your business/project already has enough core members. That’s when we need bounties. OpenSquare will support users to create bounties, review bounties and also receive bounty rewards in the style of Web3. Funders and also Bounty Hunter no longer depends upon trust, everything will be executed, managed by code. No more scam.

Key Features And Highlights

Multiple Collaboration Modes:

Bounties: Focusing on bounties, user’s operation may include creation, review, approval, hunting, submission, etc.  

Short-term Employment: Collaborators usually worry about payment issues in the process of short-term collaboration. With OpenSquare, users can flexibly customize the payment cycle and manage the start and end of collaboration.

Payment Questions: For domain knowledge, users can post questions on OpenSquare platform with an amount of crypto currencies as a collateral. When an answer is adopted by the question owner, the author of the answer will receive the fund. 

Custom Collaboration: OpenSquare will extract common collaboration units. Users can combine, set and manage these units to support their customized business.

Collaboration Mining:

OpenSquare will includes 4 participants:

Collaborators: Main platform users who contribute collaboration data.

Council: Solve dispute between collaborators, allocate treasury and deal with on-chain business.

Validators: Maintain network security.

Whistleblower: Report cheating among collaborators 

Multiple Reputation Indicators:

Behavior score: Reputation with users' behaviors, no range limitation.

General score: Normalization of total behavior reputation score, in (0, 100).

Feature score: Reputation with customized behavior set.

Non-fungible Token (NFT):

  • NFTs which represent platform rights
  • Platform commemorative NFT

Token Allocation

Token Circulation

Total supply
Cir. supply