Nodle Network

Nodle Network


A decentralized wireless network

The Nodle Network is a distributed network that provides delay tolerant connectivity and services for loT devices. The Nodle Network is a pure software solution that leverages the existing global smartphone infrastructure to provide network coverage and services. Deployed today using the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wircless interface, the Nodle Network is designed to support any wireless protocol. We anticipate that it will support other existing and upcoming wireless protocols. 

The Nodle Network is use case-, data-, and wireless standard-agnostic. This means that it can be used for relaying any kind of data such as beacons from Bluetooth Low Energy devices or 5G packets for many different use cases ranging from simple connectivity services to specialized use cases like asset tracking.

The Nodle Network brings together Contributors (supply), which we refer to herein as “Network Contributors,” and subscribers (demand), which we refer to herein as “Network Subscribers” or simply as “Subscribers.” to create an economy of connectivity.

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