The only yield optimizer on Moonriver, providing a single platform to auto-compound yield-farms and portfolio management

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Project Introduction

MoonKafe a one stop shop for all yield-farming needs on Moonriver, providing the best yield-optimizing strategies and portfolio management. With MoonKafe, users of the platform will be able to manage their farms, vaults and wallet assets from a single dashboard. The platform also facilitates easy migration of assets from farms to vaults through a unique one click migration experience from the portfolio tool. The contracts deployed are a combination of battle-tested forks from goose defi and eleven finance and are currently undergoing audit by Obelisk. 

Project Highlight

MoonKafe Finance has always been agnostic to the number of DEXes and farms that are created on the Moonriver ecosystem with our aim to unify all yield-farming and optimizing needs onto our platform. We are also strong believers of building a solid community through profit sharing originating from usage of our platform as well as giving back to the ecosystem through our numerous programmes. We hope to lift and build the ecosystem together with our many partners.  

Project History

MoonKafe Finance originated from the initial deployment on KCC where there was a lack of yield-optimizers and Portfolio management tools. The intent of Kafe finance was to allow the ecosystem to have a single unified platform for all farming and portfolio management needs and so we built our portfolio tracker from scratch and integrated all farms and vault assets to be tracked.

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KafeMaster - Founder, KafeBarista - Founder

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