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Project Introduction

MoonBeans is the first dividend rewards token on the newest and most innovative parachain Moonriver, an EVM network and a part of the Kusama and Polkadot ecosystems!

MoonBeans tokenomics allow it to reward its holders with dividend rewards in the form of Moonriver tokens. The community also has the ability to vote for different rewards via the built-in governance system of $BEANS.

So far over $100,000 in dividend rewards have been distributed, while also providing the team with a solid marketing fund that prevents the need from ever selling developer funds to fund the project.

MoonBeans has already established  major partnerships with the biggest projects on Moonriver including farming pools, advertising campaigns, events and much more.

Project Highlight

Frictionless USDC Dividends

Hold your MoonBeans, and get automatically rewarded in USDC!

Listed on the Leading Exchanges

Listed on all three of the leading exchanges on the Moonriver network!

Customizable Rewards

We've got you covered - the rewards for $BEANS can be updated on the fly!

Community DAO

Contract decisions made by the terrific $BEANS community, with a fully functional DAO!

Project History

The MoonBeans token is led by two main developers, both of which have extensive experience with both Solidity and Web3, front-end development and design.  The team also includes several other members including our CMO, which has been a part of many successful marketing campaigns within the crypto, retail and B2B business areas.

Team Members

Miami (Lead Developer, CMO)

Smol Been  (Lead Developer, CTO)

Gir (CMO)

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