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A community-governed DeFi platform that makes Staking, Lending, and Governance more accessible than ever before!

Project Introduction:

Built on substrate-based RioChain, MANTRA DAO is a community-governed DeFi DAO focused on Staking, Lending and Governance. Right now, they are starting with the Polkadot ecosystem but the development team wants more than that, they want to become a part of numerous blockchains and ecosystems outside of it. Also, they are running validator nodes for Polkadot and Kusama, including some in the Cosmos ecosystem and many others. With the advantages of RioChain. In the past, MANTRA DAO team also airdrop BONDLY token to their OM holders.   

Key Features And Highlights:


Staking: Focusing on decentralized and non-custodial staking, users are able to securely stake a growing number of PoS and DPoS assets all while earning extra rewards in OM tokens, as well as access to partnered airdrops.


Lending: Using both open sourced and proprietary lending protocols, lenders can directly offer cross-chain, multi-asset loans to users in order to earn interest on their crypto assets.


Governance: OM token holders have full control and ownership over the MANTRA DAO ecosystem through their systemic voting and governance rights.


Borrow: Deposit any number of your crypto assets as collateral and get instant access to low-interest, stablecoin loans.


Karma: A reputation mechanism, similar to a traditional credit score, that aims at rewarding users for their positive contributions to the MANTRA DAO ecosystem. KARMA will reward users in a number of ecosystem incentives.


Mantra Pool: Try your luck in the perpetual savings games that frequently give members the chance to win crypto.