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Laminar is a decentralized finance protocol company that creates an open, transparent, and trustless trading platform along with financial assets to serve traders from both the crypto and mainstream finance worlds. Laminar’s goal is to introduce new, competitive business models to mainstream financial service providers. These new protocols are also empowering developers to build more open finance services to strengthen the DeFi ecosystem. In contrast to the existing approaches, Flow Protocols — Laminar’s flagship product — offers the following features:

Instant Liquidity: Traders trade against smart contracts, instead of order books, so that there is always instant and infinite liquidity, provided that the collateral ratio does not fall below the preset liquidation threshold. For example, users can instantly open 1:1 EURUSD position, as well as long and short leveraged positions.

Asset Efficiency: While all positions are over-collateralized, traders only need to put up collateral for the value of the positions. Liquidity providers shoulder the rest of the risks. In return, liquidity providers earn transaction fees, e.g. in the form of a bid and ask spread in a Forex case. Savvy liquidity providers would have initiatives to hedge their risks on- or off-chain, depending on the asset type and their risk management strategies. Margin traders will also be able to trade against the liquidity pools, that traders’ risks and liabilities are capped by the margin locked, while their potential profits are also locked in the protocol.

Better Trading Experience: Flow Protocols enable transparent pricing and counter-party actions governed by the protocol and the community while providing an excellent trading experience comparable to the off-chain services. When collateralized positions are at risk, they will be open to the public for liquidation with rewards, which ensure the soundness of the liquidity pools.

Integrated Money Market: Assets deposited into the protocols by both the traders and liquidity providers generate interests that further increase the on-chain liquidity.

Tokenized Positions: Users can deposit USD stablecoins in exchange for synthetic stable fiat assets in the form of fTokens (Flow Tokens) e.g. fEUR.

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