Integritee Network

Integritee Network


A Decentralized Platform for Trusted Execution.

Project Introduction

Integritee provides a highly secure and scalable system with which firms and developers can build broader, fairer, and more secure data-driven products and services that unchain the value of sensitive data without compromising on privacy.

Integritee can be applied in a wide array of circumstances. The combination of confidentiality and public auditability provides unique advantages to businesses in many sectors. From healthcare and decentralized finance to supply chain management, processing sensitive data is sometimes simply unavoidable. In any situation where multiple parties need to process potentially sensitive data, whether that is a B2B or B2C interaction, Integritee provides a trusted technical foundation.

Project Highlight

Existing centralized approaches to data-driven services tend to be fast and convenient, but involve big compromises in terms of user privacy and data security. Many blockchain solutions deliver increased trust and security, but involve unacceptable trade-offs in performance.

By combining the security of Polkadot, the scalability of second-layer technology, and the speed of enterprise-grade trusted execution hardware, we provide the smartest and safest way to build data-driven dApps and services. By separating attestation from computation, we let blockchain do what it does best, and modern hardware handle the rest. In this way, our solution combines the security and trust of blockchain with the speed and power of enterprise hardware.

Project History

The project was initiated and founded by blockchain veterans Alain Brenzikofer and Waldemar Scherer who have been developing decentralized solutions to tangible, real-world problems for over half a decade. For their work on combining trusted execution environments with blockchain technology, the team has received grants from both the Web3 Foundation and Polkadot Treasury and their proposed parachain has been successfully deployed on the Rococo Testnet.

With a strong technical team and advisory team which is incredibly hands on and involved in ensuring the success of the project - this project has an incredibly strong foundation. We successful closed our Seed round at the start of 2021 for over $2M. 

Team Member

Alain Brenzikofer - CTO and Co-Founder

Waldemar Scherer - CEO and Co-Founder


LD Capital, AU21 Capital, DFG, FBG, SevenX, GFS Group, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, NGC, CDI, Kryptonite, Alves Ventures, Hotbit.

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