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Decentralized & privacy-preserving point-to-point messaging protocol with incentives

Project Introducing

HOPR is a decentralized network without central points of failure and it allows anyone to join and use the services. It specifically does not rely on mailbox providers or other trusted parties. The message layer does require some on-chain activities for openening or closing/settling payment channels but existing public blockchains today (e.g. Ethereum) are easily capable of handling traffic of up to 1M nodes which would lead to several million transactions per month which arise from a few channel open and channel close transactions per node.

Key Features & Highlights

A VPN protects you from data harvesting website operators by hiding your identity behind their VPN server. However, by doing so they establish themselves as just another central data honeypot that regularly leaks everyone’s entire browsing history and other connection metadata of their users. HOPR does not have any central point of failure, trust or control and as such you do not even need to trust us because we do not operate the HOPR network. As long as one (out of typically three) relayers that send your data to the recipient is doing their job well, the connection data remain private. HOPR provides additional layers of data privacy protection by mixing packets along the route and making all packets look indistinguishable from one another. This is how HOPR establishes privacy in unprecedented ways.

HOPR is at the early stages of technical development, but we’re moving fast. We had our first public testnet just one week after our funding announcement. (You can read more about it here.) While packet mixing is a core aspect of a mixnet, it is not the most critical development milestone. We’re focused on delivering working software to our community first, before enabling the more technical features which we’ve already developed in a way that doesn’t break the UX. HOPR plan for a mainnet release in late 2020.

The HOPR protocol provides network-level and metadata privacy for every kind of data exchange, while introducing the first-ever open incentivized mixnet, where anyone can earn tokens for running nodes. HOPR’s incentivized mixnets is possible with the advent of blockchains with on-chain capabilities to run advanced layer-2 scaling solutions.

Token Features

- Pay:Spend HOPR tokens to send data through the HOPR network with complete data and metadata privacy.

Stake: Lock HOPR tokens in your node to relay user data and cover traffic. The more you stake, the more data you can relay, and the more you can earn.

- Vote: From technical parameters to the composition of the HOPR board of directors, participate in decentralized, community-enabling governance.

How It Works

Private: The HOPR network is a decentralized incentivized mixnet, ensuring complete data and metadata privacy for everyone who uses it. Data is sent via multiple hops, so no-one but the sender and receiver know the origin, destination, or content of a data transfer.

Profitable: HOPR’s unique proof-of-relay mechanism means every node runner is incentivized to correctly relay data in exchange for HOPR tokens. Anyone can run a HOPR node to earn HOPR tokens and contribute to online data privacy.

Performant: HOPR’s custom layer-two scaling solution is based on probabilistic payment channels. This ensures fully decentralized settlement without unnecessary blockchain transaction fees, all while protecting node runners’ metadata.




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