A Canary Network of Equilibrium that shares the experimental spirit of Kusama

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Genshiro Introduction

Equilibrium brings its technology to Kusama. The project name for Kusama is Genshiro. Kusama positions itself as Polkadot’s sister network where all of the field testing of exciting new technology happens. Genshiro will follow this approach and will launch its product on Kusama with the aim to battle test its technology by introducing a much wider range of assets than initially supported in polkadot, lowering critical collateralization requirements to 100%.

Further, Genshiro will roll out the DEX and introduce a wide range of derivative assets based on traditional financial assets (e.g users will be able to trade derivative products such as perpetual swaps and/or future contracts on commodities, stocks, ETF’s, e.t.c.).

Last but not least, Genshiro will aim to fully decentralize the Kusama based network right from the go by cleverly allocating it’s utility tokens to the Kusama community.

Below is a quick overview of the core components of the Genshiro protocol.

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