A advanced WASM based smart contract platform aimed to be Polkadot/Kusama parachain. Deploy your dApp with Gear in under 5 minutes.

Project Introduction

Gear is a smart contract platform which will become a parachain on the Polkadot and Kusama network. It's the most advanced WASM smart contract platform in the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem that enables developers to deploy decentralized applications in the easiest and most efficient ways possible. On Gear's platform, all smart contracts are WebAssembly programs that are compiled from different programming languages. This lowers the barrier to entry for developers that are not so familiar with blockchain development because they can build dApps in programming languages that they are more familiar with.

Project Highlight

The problem with becoming a Polkadot parachain is that there is an extremely high entry cost as thousands of projects are competing against each other to win one of a limited number of slots. On top of that, deploying as a parachain can be very time consuming and in some cases, it can even take up to a year! However by deploying on Gear, developers can launch their dApps easily & efficiently and enter the interoperable Polkadot ecosystem without having to win an auction or become a parachain. This means that developers can enter one of the most promising blockchain networks without having to cough up the significantly high financial and time costs. Gear makes deploying your dApps cheap, fast and efficient.

Project History

Nikolay has been programming for over thirty years. As an initial member of the Parity Technologies team, he worked on multiple protocols in the blockchain industry including Ethereum, Bitcoin and ZCash. He also led the project with the first functional smart contract engine using WebAssembly. Nikolay also made numerous contributions to Parity Technologies’ core technology and the substrate framework.

When Polkadot became a functional live network, Nikolay decided to improve its adoption with his own project. Nikolay’s idea is based on introducing a novel approach to cross-contract communication.

The GEAR platform is aiming to be the most advanced and scalable smart contract platform within the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems. This will help to open the doors to many developers who build applications in common languages and frameworks and are not so familiar with blockchain-based development.

GEAR acts as a gate to the entire Polkadot ecosystem. Projects that launch on Gear do not have to worry about becoming a parachian, winning an auction or staking a significant amount of money. All they have to do is program and deploy on Gear to access one of the most promising ecosystems in the industry.

Nikolay, along with his co-founders - Alex Burgorkov and Ilya Veller - concluded that the GEAR platform will be significantly valuable for blockchain-based applications and services as long as it allows any type of application to be implemented on it. They’re working on making this as easy and efficient as possible.

Team Members

GEAR team consists of 20 people and we are going to grow fast during the next 3 months

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