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A composable protocol that abstracts the complexity in DeFi to provide algorithmically optimal yield.

Key Features

ETHA Lend is a protocol-agnostic liquidity protocol packed with features to efficiently interact universally with DeFi platforms.

Lower Gas fees

By enabling Gas Tokens to our protocol, liquidity providers are able to safe up to 52% in transaction fees.

Interoperable Protocol

Our liquidity protocol can easily be upgraded to integrate new DeFi protocols and universally interact with them to maximize yield.

Algorithmic Asset Allocation

The protocol algorithmically optimizes the asset allocation across DeFi protocols and, based on gas cost, volatility, yield and amount.

Portfolio Rebalancing

Users can optimize their asset allocation by rebalancing to maximize earnings.

Token Economy

$ETHA is a future governance and utility token with value accrual mechanisms, to reward long term liquidity providers through platform fees and discounts.

Liquidity Mining

Mine ETHA tokens by supplying liquidity through the protocol.

Protocol Rewards

Earn protocol rewards from performance fees on ETHA Lend.


The utility of the future governance token will define set of policies that will empower ETHA tokenholders and the future of the protocol.


They have plans to expand the protocol on the Polkadot network, to leverage cross-chain communication to address overtime a bigger market.