A Substrate based Unity3D Game

Project Introduction

"Immerse yourself in the futuristic universe of the Mogwais. Lead them to glory and honor. Experience epic and thrilling adventures & duels. Explore the infinite universe & mysteries.

As probably the first substrate based Unity3D game using our open-sourced SubstrateNetApi, we bring the functionalities and benefits of this promising technology to a broad audience in a playful and immersive way.

DOTMog is supported by web3 foundation grants program (Wave 9)"

Project History

"DOTMog, a BloGa Tech AG product, is the first substrate-based Unity3D game, which uses our open-sourced SubstrateNetApi. BloGa Tech AG is located in Switzerland and focuses on game development based on new technologies, like blockchain technology.

We are a squad of experienced and highly motivated game and technology enthusiasts, who work with great dedication and passion for the DOTMog vision and ecosystem. As pioneers in the field of blockchain gamification, we develop innovative and high-quality products. 


DOTMog is the successor of the game World of Mogwais which was developed on its blockchain mogwaicoin (MOG)."

Project Highlight

The gamification of blockchain technology is still in its beginning, the potential and new possibilities of this promising technology have so far only been discovered by a few companies. There is a lack of interfaces (API) from well-known game engines like Unity to blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is currently used in financial transactions, healthcare, identity management, etc. For the technically inexperienced person, the adaptation is difficult, and therefore there is a lack of interest. The game-like component resp. experience is missing.

Team Member

Cédric Decoster - Founder

André Schneider - Co-Founder

Sven Scharmentke - Co-Founder

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