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An open-source data platform that allows market actors to supply, share and use transparent, crowd-verified price data and oracles for DeFi applications

Project Introduction:

DIA is an ecosystem for open financial data in a financial smart contract ecosystem. The target of DIA is to bring together data analysts, data providers and data users. In general, DIA provides a reliable and verifiable bridge between off-chain data from various sources and on-chain smart contracts that can be used to build a variety of financial dApps. DIA is setup as a hybrid system with off-chain components for storing and processing large amounts of data and on-chain components providing data sources for financial smart contracts. Currently, Ethereum is used as a smart contract platform because of its widespread use and technical quality, but the DIA system is not limited to one blockchain technology.

Key Features And Highlights:

Transparency: DIA’s data feeds are open-source and accessible. Source code, methodologies, scraper code are hosted on Github and the database is hashed on-chain, for full auditability of historical data.


Validation: DIA data is verified by a whole community of stakeholders. Market actors can submit requests for data and incentivise the validation of feeds. Continuously incentivised validation via token staking ensures effective QA.


Scalability: Decentralised data sourcing enables easy scalability. DeFi enables the design of financial products on highly diverse underlying assets and events. DIA provides a scalable infrastructure to meet the data needs.