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A cryptocurrency project born in 2018, which aims to provide a secure and anonymous payment system and marketplace app, so you can buy, sell and exchange stuff privately

Dark is a community driven p2p e-commerce project

Born during summer in 2018, Dark was created as a PoS coin project wishing to answer two issues : lack of privacy and lack of decentralization in p2p e-commerce.

This first step constructed our community DAO, developers and moderators positions were claimed, and they voted early chain metrics.

Since then, community keeps working and funding its servers and developments : cold staking pool, explorer, parachain proof of concept, ...

They were looking for the best suited tech

Former Shadowcash project people came and showed us what had been initiated about escrow system and UI.

They then forked ShadowCash (actually its rebrand Particl) and community voted in 2019 more long-term metrics and a much lower supply.

Dark first experiments with SDC/Part inheritance was positive from a tech point of view, but not from a user experience and adoption point of view :

  • heavy client to download for wallet operations
  • no IPFS storage
  • several minutes block time + needed confirmations are too long to wait
  • BTC tech basis is great, but not suited for decentralized e-commerce
  • heavy and hard to upgrade closed source middlewares

Substrate and Polkadot : the next innovation cycle

When Substrate first release candidates came out and first projects popped, things became obvious.

Substrate offers everything they need : speed, interoperability, security, and great development frameworks.

Compared to anything they saw before, they convinced this is next-gen tech and it will initiate the next innovation cycle in crypto world.

They started developing a parachain proof of concept (named 'Dystopia') for Polkadot Rococo testnet.

Interoperability and open source : the way to go

As opposed to usual behavior (self-centered techs and projects) they see people in Polkadot community cooperate, innovate and share great resources and material.

They aim to become active part and contributors of this promising ecosystem.

Several projects made great work on blockchains interoperability, privacy layers, decentralization, and it opens new and different channels to spread while protecting our users privacy. One of the best early Polkadot projects, Subsocial, had released high quality open source pallets they could mod and use as a basis for e-commerce purpose.

Enter Dystopia

They are about to release an alpha "Dystopia" testnet and public app. It's an early release, it will be improved over time and they will port D4RK "legacy" coin metrics and improve its governance, treasury and voting tools.

Our project also wishes to provide open-source pallets for Susbtrate & Polkadot ecosystem, and they love to participate in building an e-commerce standard for it.

They apply to W3F grant program as soon as our demo is ready.