Cere Network

Cere Network


The Decentralized Data & Finance Cloud for Enterprises.

Project Introduction:

Cere’s DDC is a blockchain-based storage solution that is optimized for capturing user/app interactions which are individually signed and encrypted, along with potential value transfers, to be stored in a tamper-proof and time-capsule data scheme. This allows for the direct and secure decryption, validation, extraction, transformation, and utilization of such data by trusted or trustless parties, automated processes, and decentralized data marketplaces. DDC data operations are configured to work directly with Cere test/main networks or with any other Polkadot/Substrate blockchain network.

Cere is the missing link that businesses need to adopt blockchain, providing fully integrated solutions, packaged similarly to the SaaS platforms that they are already using, and deployed to bring immediate efficiency improvements and cost savings to core business units.

Cere makes data directly accessible in near real-time by all business units, partners/vendors, and machine-learning processes. This in turn enables secure and private data collaborations through Cere’s Open Data Marketplace (ODM) which is free from traditional vendor lock-ins.

Key Features and Highlight:

- Started to work closely with the Web3 Foundations team (eco, marketing, grants, builders program), and completed our first set of grants.
- Expanded the Dev Team in Europe, in Berlin, Minsk, and Amsterdam, as well as in India.
- Built out initial alpha data platform and testnet
- Deployed enterprise integrations for our initial customers on top of our testnet and data platform.
- Built out a network of sales advisors who have gotten us to work with some top consumer brands.
- Built partnerships with top projects like Chainlink, Matic, Moonbeam, Plasm, Ren and more.
- Built up a marketing & community team, currently Cere has an engaged community of 12K+ Telegram & 9K Twitter followers. 

Project History: 

Cere Network is founded by Silicon Valley veterans, Fred Jin, Kenzi Wang & Ian Duggan, with 20 years of experience from Amazon, Twitch, and Bebo.

The vision for Cere was formed, when Cere CEO Fred Jin got obsessed with the fact he could not find any customer data solutions that allowed him to understand each user’s behaviors across all of the 1st & 3rd party game data during his time as CEO of gaming company 50 cubes . He realized that a solution for integration & alignment between these 1st & 3rd parties would create immense value in forms of a fully optimized user experience and eventually revenue.

The past 1.5 year, Cere has been working hard with its 35 employees (and counting) on building the Decentralized Data and Finance Cloud, pivoting its project narrative from ‘The Decentralized CRM’ to ‘The Decentralized Snowflake’.

Demonstrating the need for decentralized cloud solutions, Cere is already in the process of onboarding a number of Fortune 1000 clients and has received one Web3 Foundation grant, with another Web3 grant pending.

Team Member

Fred Jin - Founder; Kenzi Wang - Founder; Ian Duggan - Founder; Martijn Broersma - CMO


Binance Labs, NGC, Arrington XRP Capital, QCP, Monday Capital and many more.

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