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What is DotEcoCap?

DotEcoCap is a concept proposed by PolkaWarriors, to measure the development of the Polkadot ecosystem in terms of market capitalization, in the most general way. DotEcoCap will represent the total capital of the Polkadot projects listed on @coingecko. When a new project is listed, it will add up to the value of DotEcoCap, and at this time we will see DotEcoCap's chart "Pump".The DotEcoCap concept will most clearly show the development of the Polkadot ecosystem every day.


What is DotMarketCap?

Dotmarketcap is a website where you can find data of prices, charts, capitalization as well as the latest information and analysis of entire projects on the Polkadot ecosystem. The DotEcoCap concept is the most accurate and general indicator to measure the overall development of the Polkadot ecosystem. In addition, Dotmarketcap has a place in verifying the accuracy of projects, educating the community about the Polkadot ecosystem, newsletters or on-chain data. DOT.Research is our passion for diving deep into potential projects on Polkadot.


What is PolkaDot?

Polkadot enables scalability by allowing specialized blockchains to communicate with each other in a secure, trust-free environment.

Polkadot is built to connect and secure unique blockchains, whether they be public, permission-less networks, private consortium chains, or oracles and other Web3 technologies. It enables an internet where independent blockchains can exchange information under common security guarantees.

Polkadot is a living network with the core pillars of governance and upgradability. The network has an advanced suite of governance tools and, using the WebAssembly standard as a ""meta-protocol"", can autonomously deploy network upgrades. Polkadot adapts to your growing needs without the risks of network forks.

By connecting these dots, Polkadot serves as a foundational part of a decentralized web, where users control their data and are not limited by trust bounds within the network."


Is data and information correct?

Initial data will be relied on a third party, CoinGecko, after we put it into operation, we will update our own data. The project information on Dotmarketcap is taken from each project itself and we will have a "sticker verify" rating for each project that has passed our rigorous testing. Our professional team will make the most objective ratings for serving the community