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A Bluzelle is a PoS Decentralized Data Network

Project Introduction:

Bluzelle is a decentralized data network for dapps to manage data in a secure, tamper-proof, and highly scalable manner. Bluzelle is powered by Cosmos and its BFT technology Tendermint. Bluzelle is designed to be used by any dapp on any blockchain. Bluzelle plays a critical role in the advancement and adoption of Web 3.0. 

Their advanced data delivery network promises to protect businesses from data breaches, network failures, and performance troubles. Bluzelle serves as an “Airbnb of databases,” with developers paying for storage space and read/write to the decentralized database.

Key Features And Highlights:

High Quality Data - Sourced from multiple sources with weights attributed to each for importance.

Fully Decentralized - Bluzelle Oracles - 200+ nodes spread around the world with no special preference given. All based on their stake and contribution.

Multi-step Data Cleaning - A 5 step procedure to ensure pricing is calculated by the best providers through a blended value technique.

Fast Price Intervals - Prices are updated in 5 min intervals giving you the accuracy and most relevant pricing.

Advanced Security Triggers - Get early alerts on attackers as analytics on prices are run on Bluzelle’s decentralized base.

Lower Fees - Powered by a 10,000 TPS blockchain, there are no congestion issues leading to very low costs.