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Apron Network

A decentralized infrastructure service platform for DApp& Defi developers and infrastructure operators


The Apron Network is a decentralized platform created by Apron Labs to provide infrastructure services for DApp developers, DApp users, and operators in the blockchain world.

As the foundation of Web 3.0, the Apron Network would become the new gateway to the Web 3.0 by ensuring the freedom of individual choice, gives participants making the Web3.0 world accessible to any participant.

Substrate/Polkadot Integration

Apron SDK

Apron SDK maintains the dynamic balance of the link between the application and the Apron Node and the communication data encryption. All application developers need to do is to integrate Apron SDK in the application. This can not only be realized on the Web but also be integrated on the PC and mobile terminals in a native way.

Apron Market

The smart contract intelligently chooses infrastructure services needed by DApp developers while minimizing usage fees by analyzing data from OCW, making the Web 3.0 portal visible and usable within the Apron Network.

Apron Node

The Apron Node is the component Node of the Apron Network, developed using the Substrate framework, with OCW enabled. The infrastructure service provider realizes the public provision of services through Apron Node. Apron Node synchronizes the basic service on the chain, and achieves the on-chain synchronization of service usage and billing information through the OCW module.