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Your Wildest Assets Competition

Published date: September 3 2021

It’s time to unleash your creativity and tell us what could you imagine with asset financing on Altair.

Altair is the bridge from Centrifuge to Kusama, it is the experimental network for real world assets, and with it you will be able to tokenize assets and finance them on the Kusama network. Powered by the AIR token, Altair is built for innovators who want to push the limits of DeFi and get powerful change happening.

We want to know your wildest ideas for assets to finance on Altair.

An example: Say you had some Cryptopunks lying around… Altair’s flexible asset financing structure could help you use your Cryptopounks or any other art NFTs as collateral for financing.

Then, imagine a Cryptopunk DAO, where Cryptopunk owners pool their NFTs into one pool on Altair. Investors can finance this pool to give the stakeholders in the Cryptopunk DAO liquidity on their assets.

Think of a DAO creating art, music, content, or code and using Altair to finance it and using the outputs as collateral.

Your favourite social DAO could use their NFT collection as collateral to take out a loan which they can use to fund the DAO’s growth

Or wouldn’t it be wild to think about creating deep impact with asset financing? What about sustainable upgrades for homes (up-front investment to meet a standard, in the form of an NFT, then savings on running costs to follow).

Think about the potential for purchasing woodland for regeneration: collateralise the land as an NFT, borrow against it to carry out rewilding activities, in confidence that it will be repaid with interest from government carbon credits

Or invest with your friends around a group activity: a group of friends can come together and pool some of their crypto to finance the purchase of some vintage wine: half they hold as an investment over time, half they drink together when they’re next together ;)

Join us, by supporting the Altair parachain bid here, and submit your Wildest Asset idea via a tweet thread to @altair_network with the hashtag #YourWildestAssets.

Please note, only those with the hashtag will be considered for the competition.

The winner of the wildest and most creative idea will win:

4,000 AIR

2,000 AIR

1,000 AIR

Let’s Rumble!

*The competition ends on the 20th September 2021 and we will announce the winners shortly after. One prize for each category.

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