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Konomi Monthly Updates — February

Published date: February 25 2021

Konomi Monthly Updates — February

Development update

  • Enhanced liquidation mechanism.
  • Updated the client side requests to confirm the latest server side APIs.
  • Added a new display showing the current supply of each asset.
  • Added the liquidation warning when liquidation is triggered.
  • Add an Oracle for price feed

Website update

  • Added a new page showing partnerships & investors.
  • Added a new page showing team members portfolio.
  • Added new content. (Token Economy)

We are thrilled to share the news that new website will be lived in late February!


Konomi is excited to announce the partnership with Tidal Finance. Tidal Finance will provide decentralized insurance coverage to Konomi’s lending and asset management funding pool. This will help protect Konomi’s users from malicious attacks or smart contract exploits.

Konomi is thrilled to partner with Paralink and leverages its support of network integration to Paralink Nodes. The integration of Paralink will allow Konomi to obtain cross-chain assets pricing and real world data for the money market starting from DOT/KSM pairs. Devs could easily integrate Paralink oracles into smart contracts and asset pairs built on Konomi.

Konomi is excited to announce it’s first cross chain partnership with bZx. bZx would be able to offer Konomi with margin trading capabilities and provide liquidity via cross chain lending & borrowing


  • Telegram group reached 5400 members.
  • Twitter reached 4700 followers.
  • Ambassador program received more than 70 applications.
  • Started the second round of fundraising since early February.
  • Created a dedicated Vietnam group on Telegram


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Joint AMA

  • Konomi & Tidal Finance
  • Konomi & Paralink

About Konomi

Konomi is a full suite asset management solution for cross-chain crypto assets. Users could manage their crypto holding positions, trade assets and earn interest through decentralized money market products.

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