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Clover x DEGO | Conduct in-depth Cooperation in the Field of NFT+DeFi

Published date: April 7 2021

We are very pleased to announce we have reached a strategic partnership with DEGO Finance. The two parties will conduct in-depth cooperation in the field of NFT+DeFi, and jointly work on providing richer NFT products and use cases for the Polkadot ecosystem.

DEGO is an NFT+DEFI aggregator that aims to build a one-stop system for NFT, including underlying protocols, trading markets, cross-chain systems, DEFI applications, games, etc., and to complete the combination of NFT upper-level applications and underlying protocols by a Polkadot Parachain built through Substrate.

The first event on the agenda is the migration of TreasureLand from the DEGO ecosystem to Clover. TreasureLand will become the first NFT Market to support multi-chains in the Polkadot ecosystem. At the same time, Clover, as the leading smart contract platform of the Polkadot ecosystem, will provide DEGO with a convenient infrastructure and help DEGO access the Polkadot ecosystem smoothly.

The Core Team of DEGO added: Clover’s ecosystem is getting stronger every day. I am confident that we will keep working closely with Clover in the field of NFT+DeFi in the future. We also believe that Clover will become ‘the’ smart contract platform of Polkadot’s ecosystem!

About DEGO Finance

DEGO is an NFT + DeFi Fusion Reactor, aiming to build a one-stop NFT system, upholding NFT Protocol, trading, cross-chain function, DeFi apps, games and etc. DEGO is constructing a Polkadot Parachain through Substrate, combining application and underlying protocols.

About Treasureland

Treasureland is a multi-chain NFT publishing and trading platform that aims to connect to NFT creators, users, and consumers in a decentralized way, becoming a value catcher in the crypto world and the best gateway to the Web 3.0 world.

About Clover

Clover is a powerful smart contract platform that enables Ethereum developers and projects to migrate their contracts onto Polkadot. By minimizing the changes required to run existing Solidity smart contracts on the new network, Ethereum projects can simply replicate their dApp and deploy it to Clover using MetaMask, Truffle, Remix, and other familiar tools.

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