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PolkaWarriors Weekly Issue(dot)27
Published date: July 14 2021

I. Parachain News


Karura has completed the KAR distribution for their backers and crowdloan participants.


Astar will gradually increase the number of collators under the Shiden Azure Program in the coming weeks.


Bancor DEX price feed is available on Moonbeam network via DIA oracle.

Moonriver Network has entered Phase One  of its five-phase launch process.

Non-Fungible Jokin' - The world's first live NFT comedy special, created by Jambb will live in Moonbeam & Moonriver

Moonbeam & myNFT team up to provide Moonbeam & Moonriver users with a bridge to access NFTs created on  Ethereum

Moonbeam has integrated Waffle & Mars, two Ethereum popular tools created by Ethworks.

II. Crowdloan News


Bifrost has launched a gradient leading reward strategy, with rewards up to 250%. The address that achieves the leading goal will become the Asgard hero and receive additional BNC rewards.


Basilisk is switching its target to auction #5 (starts on July 13th). All rewards multipliers are reset to their maximum.


Centrifuge just published their JUNE DROP with Altair PLO, Community Call #14, Tinlake Round-Up and more.


Genshiro  has decided to DOUBLE the reward for people contributing to their crowdloan in the first batch. When they join in batch 2 again, they will receive x2 $GENS for each $KSM.

Loom Network

Loom Network has joined Kusama crowdloans. Participants can earn 1000 $LOOM (no vesting) for each KSM and 20% APR for staking the $LOOM issued as rewards.

III. Ecosystem News


KILT protocol decided to change from Nominated Proof of Stake Network into Limited Delegated Proof of Stake mechanism, which better supports them in the long term.


OnFinality announced they would fully supports Compound Finance Gateway.


Standard Testnet "Opportunity" has been released and they're calling for validators to join.


Ternoa is using SubQuery's indexing solutions to power and secure the Ternoa Wallet and SecretNFT Marketplace.


People who participated in KusamaDer- by & predicted accurately now can redeem winning tokens.


SubSocial just completed the first round of private fundraising. Investors include HyperSphere, Illusionist Group, Alameda Research, NGC, Paka and others.

IV. Polkadot.Event

Polkadot Club

Join for the second event in they new Polkadot Club series.


The 2nd Polkadot Hackathon.


Shiden Network Roadmap.


Blind Boxes Live Date.


Introduction to RMRK's NFTs & the Singular platform.


Substrate Seminar