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DotmarketCap 'Learn & Earn' Series 5 with Genshiro Recap

Published date: July 8 2021

In the setting that all the projects are trying their best to compete for a parachain slot, Dotmarketcap has together with Equilibrium organized “Learn Genshiro – Earn $GENS" event, which aims to increase the knowledge of users about Genshiro – The canary network of Equilibrium. 10 lucky users have learn about Genshiro and earn up to 2000 $GENS/each. We hope you enjoyed learning about Genshiro and would continue to support their team in the crowdloan. In case you missed out, here's a summary of what we have covered. 

1. Introducing Genshiro:

Genshiro is the canary network of Equilibrium and will launch its product on Kusama with the aim to battle test its technology by introducing a much wider range of assets than initially supported in Polkadot, lowering critical collateralization requirements to 100%. 

 2. Genshiro crowdloan:

Having planned to join in the Kusama parachain auction for slot 4 & 5,  Genshiro aims to raise 100K $KSM from the community. Here is the information relating to Genshiro Crowdloan. 

When supporting Genshiro, users can receive the benefits:

  • 70% APR on participation in Kusama crowdloan.
  • 10% of the participant contribution in GENS will be unlocked immediately
  • Contributors with <50 KSM get 2,000 GENS:KSM. Those locking ≥ 50 KSM will receive a 20% bonus.

Support Genshiro at:

3. Genshiro doubles crowdloan rewards: 

For the incredible support from the community, Genshiro has decided to DOUBLE the reward for people contributing to their crowdloan in the first batch. When they join in batch 2 again, they will receive x2 GENS for each KSM.

Participants can even establish a monetary value for their potential rewards because GENS is now a tradable asset on exchanges like KuCoin, BKEX, and DODOex. Based on current market pricing, these rewards may have up to 145% APR.

Below is the list of lucky winners:


  • Lucky winners will receive the confirmed email ( and the instructions to get the rewards.

  • Rewards will be sent to winners 7 working days.


No Quiz point Telegram ID Twitter ID
1 20/20 @thienpham18 @thien01898
2 20/20 @qwerty789 @qwerty221
3 20/20 @kasany @kasany
4 20/20 @Darbakearg @MichMuc97537946
5 20/20 @showbeih @iamsam
6 20/20 @madeh25 @Madeh25
7 20/20 @aaabccc1212 @aabbcc12
8 20/20 @poiuy @poiuy1665
9 20/20 @Vincent_68 @Pixeltoy
10 20/20 @Anh123 @Anhanh12

More info about Genshiro

Website | Twitter | Telegram