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DotMarketCap 'Learn & Earn' Series 5: Learn Genshiro - Earn 20,000 $GENS

Published date: July 1 2021

In the setting that all the projects are trying their best to compete for a parachain slot, Dotmarketcap can’t wait to introduce our “Learn Genshiro – Earn $GENS" event, which aims to increase the knowledge of users about Genshiro – The canary network of Equilibrium.

Genshiro is the canary network of Equilibrium and will launch its product on Kusama with the aim to battle test its technology by introducing a much wider range of assets than initially supported in Polkadot, lowering critical collateralization requirements to 100%.

10 lucky users can learn about Genshiro and earn up to 2000 $GENS/each. In total, we're giving away 20000 $GENS.

Campaign period: From 2021/07/01 05:00 A.M (UTC) until 2021/07/08 05:00 A.M (UTC).

To qualify for this Learn & Earn promotion, people must complete the following tasks:

Step 1: Follow Equilibrium, Genshiro & Dotmarketcap on Twitter.

Step 2: Subscribe GenshiroDotmarketcap 's Telegram Channels and Join Equilibrium channel 

Step 3: Learn about Genshiro on their website, their whitepaper and from the article posted on

Step 4: Support Genshiro by contributing at least 0.1 $KSM (you will get 200 $GENS by default).

Here is the tutorial video to join the crowdloan:

Step 5: Complete and pass the quiz to be eligible to win the reward.


  • The amount of locked $KSM will be refunded after Genshiro's parachain lease term. In case Genshiro does not win the auction, the reward will be still distributed to the user.
  • If you are one of the lucky winners, you will have a total of 2200 $GENS, including 200 $GENS (for your 0.1 locked $KSM) and 2000 $GENS.
  • 20000 $GENS will be evenly distributed to lucky users. Winners have to pass the quiz section & follow all steps to receive the rewards. Rewards will be sent to winners after 7 working days. 
  • Genshiro and Dotmarketcap have the right to disqualify any participants showing signs of fraudulent behavior immediately, as well as cancel or amend the promotion or promotion rules at our sole discretion.
  • We will announce telegram user winners when the event ends and contact them by email to receive rewards.

About Genshiro

Genshiro is the future parachain of the Kusama network and it shares the same experimental spirit of Kusama. Genshiro will be a testing site for future products of Equilibrium before they deploy them on Polkadot

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