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PolkaWarriors Weekly Issue(dot)25
Published date: June 29 2021


I. Hot Topic

Karura Network

Karura Network has become the first parachain on Kusama Network.

II. Polkadot.News


Moonbeam are thrilled to announce that Moonriver & Moonbeam will have its first NFT Minting Game called ZOOMBIES built by Cardinal Entertainment!


Moonriver organized a meme competition.

Moonriver is in the lead for the second parachain slot auction.

"Having overcome other competitors, Moonriver has become the next winner of Kusama parachain auction.

Congratulate Derek Yoo, Nate & their team for the unfailing attempt. We are looking forward to seeing the next winner for slot 3."


Kraken to Support the Altair Crowdloan on Kusama


Polkadot and Kusama staking changes, the maximum nominators is 20000 and the minimum staking amount is 20 $DOT.


“Ternoa time capsule” has been LIVE on Binance NFT Marketplace


Zeitgeist has researched numerous AMM models to find one that suits their needs and resulted in a new variant of LMSR named “Rikiddo Scoring Rule” - the “Liquidity Sensitive Dynamic LMSR"

Zeitgeist just released an upgrade to our “Battery Park” testnet.


t3rn has announce the end of our first investment round led by Polychain with participation from IOSGVC and DFG, plus other key investors, totalling $1.35million.


v0.1.1 is the first of our public releases, and contains core prediction market logic.


Phala Network has improved their Crowdloan rewards:

- $KSM: $PHA is now 1:120

When Crowdloaned KSM breaks 30k, $KSM: $PHA = 1:150

APY > 45% and Extra NFTs added, too!?- $KSM: $PHA is now 1:120


Genshiro announced they would improve the reward for those who participate in their crowdloan.


App V2 is deployed on mainnet with better UI/UX and lower validator Deposit.  App V2 is under construction. has announced Information about their roadmap

III. Partnership

KILT x Subscan

KILT has established a partnership with Subscan to integrate KILT into Subscan’s explorer.

Plasm x Oraichain

Oraichain has partnered with Plasm Network to integrate key products, data, and services.

Moonbeam x Automata

Automata Network Integrates with Moonbeam to Bring Private, Off-chain Governance to the Polkadot Ecosystem

Phala x Bit.Country

Phala Network partnered with Bit.Country to provide privacy infrastructure services to Bit.Country’s Metaverse.

Mathchain x Apron

MathChain partnered with Apron Network to provide RPC node services to MathChain and provide developers with the one-stop, compliant EVM framework and decentralized node services for their Substrate-based applications.

Kylin x Pinknode

Kylin has announced partnership with Pinknode.

t3rn x Patract

t3rn becomes the latest Polkadot project to join the Patract Wasm Open Contract Alliance

Wasm is the future of smart contract blockchains and t3rn will continue to work tirelessly to support its adoption

Manta x MathChain

Manta Network has announced partnership with MathChain, to bring privacy to Substrate wallets and Mathchain's.

IV. Polkadot.Event

Web3 Foundation

Introducing the ‘Build a Parachain' track hosted by The Web3 Foundation!

Deadline: Aug 8, 2021 11:45pm EDT


SubDAO organized a meme contest with prizes of up to $850. Ends on july 2nd

Acala Network

Join for a DeFi meetup in Chicago!

On the date, 6pm Thursday, June 24th, DeFi Alliance, Acala Network, and Cumberland will host an in-person event on DeFi, Polkadot, and more!


On June 29 4pm CET, tune in to the next #SubstrateSeminar to hear from Bruno Skvorc on RmrkApp's nested, reactive, useful, upgradeable #NFTs that react to emotion and conditionally display different resources in different formats.