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PolkaWarriors Weekly Issue(dot)23
Published date: June 14 2021

I. Hot Topic


Kusama announced that parachain has officially launched.


Shiden Network became the second (Statemine is the first) Kusama Network.


With over 300,000 $KSM contributed, the community has made clear it's ready for Karura Network 's all-in-one #DeFi platform & EVM-compatible network.

Kusama Crowdloan

Crowdloans on Kusama have been started and Karura, Shiden & Moonriver are the pioneers in opening their crowdloan, Basilisk are also ready to follow.

II. Polkadot.News


Darwinia Crab Kusama Network Crowdloan has opened

Apron x Gate

Apron is listed on

Clover Finance

Clover wallet mobile app just dropped on the App Store!

Crust Network

Crust Updates Kusama Parachain Slot Auction Rewards


Konomi announced that it has just updated the new version for the testnet.

Shiden Network

Shiden Network has started its crowdloan for parachain auction. Users are required to lock KSM for 11m to get a proportional piece of 22% of SDN supply with 1 month lock, 10m vesting.

RMRK Raises Fund

RMRK just announced they had closed their $6M funding round from investors such as D1 Ventures, YBB, PAKA, DFG, Illusionist Group, and others.

Plasm Network

Plasm Network team secures $10M to build DApp ecosystem for Polkadot and Kusama.


Unique achieved Milestone 2 of the @substrate_io Builders Program


Bifrost's Kusama parachain slot auction is officially opened

Acala Network

2 years, 783 commits (and 385 to ORML, 100+ to Substrate), Acala finally have its first release version tagged.


Genshiro’s Kusama Crowdloan Goes Live On June 15!


IDO on DODO is coming SOON.


KuCoin will officially support the Kusama Parachain Slot Auction.


Kraken to Support the upcoming Sakura Crowdloan


In the last 8 days, more than 490 node operators joined the Bit Country Tewai Chain Testnet.


OKEx will support the #Altair crowdloan. OKEx users will be able to stake their $KSM to the Altair slot and receive $AIR tokens in return.


Bifrost’s official slot auction will start at 2:00PM on June 10 UTC.


OKEx supports Bifrost Kusama Crowdloan through Early Bird Auction


SubDAO just launched a new active competition.


Basilisk announced their Parachain Crowdloan.

Unique Network

Tune-in to the panel chat on Building Creator Economies with #NFTs to watch Aleksandar Mitrovic - CEO of Unique sharing his thoughts on 11th June at 8:00 am CET

Khala Network

Khala slot auction will be launching soon.

Darwinia Crab

Darwinia Crab is now available on Parachain Kusama.

Sora Wallet

A new version of the SORA mobile app was published with $XOR, $VAL, and $PSWAP token support on the SORA Substrate network.


Centrifuge just reported Tinlake - the 1st Dapp built on their chain, had reached over $20M Total Value Locked.


Bifrost has received millions of dollars in financing from well-known investment institutions such as NGC, SNZ, DFG, HyperSpere, CMS, etc.


Sigmadex is pleased to announce the completion of our first funding round, with a total of $4.2M


Robonomics finalising the Kusama crowdloan page to participate in the Parachain Lease Offering.

The estimated time of the Robonomics crowdloan launch is 28 June!

Robonomics aims to win the 3rd-5th Kusama parachain slots.

III. Partnership

Plasm/Shiden x

Plasm Network/ Shiden Network Announces Partnership with, the largest NFT content creator in Japan.

Konomi x Dafi Protocol

Clover x Conversation

RMRK x Unique

Crust x Jambo Network

Crust Network has announced partnership with Jambo Network for Decentralized Storage of Network Data

Kylin x Wachain

Kylin Network has announced partnership with Wanchain. This partnership brings together Wanchain’s industry-leading blockchain interoperability solution with Kylin Network’s innovative cross-chain data services.

Standard x Coin98

Standard Protocol has announced their partnership with Coin98.

Litentry X Automata

Litentry has announced a partnership with Automata Network.

IV. Polkadot.Event


One June 22, SORA will host the first annual SORA Economic Forum.


Genshiro is selling NFT artworks to fund Kusama Network parachain slot.

PolkaWarriors AMA with Shiden Network


Join Brana Rakic and Dieter Fishbein from Web3 Foundation this Friday as they discuss Polkadot and OriginTrail multichain ecosystems building the future knowledge economy together. Discussing the upcoming parachain auctions & more

AMA: Kusama Parachains and Altair


Polkadot Web3 Talk