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Subsquid Dev Log #4

Published date: November 26 2021

One month anniversary since we started sending you our weekly development log, this marks the fourth edition! 

This was again a very busy week for us, kicked off with awesome news regarding our expansion as a key infrastructure service in the DotSama ecosystem with announcing our partnership with Zeitgeist.

With our second community challenge ending soon, we are very happy about the submissions and thrilled by our community! We start the weekend with double XP counts for this weekend in Discord and will award the best submissions for memes and graphics with extra XP. 

On the product side we are nearing the Hydra V5 release and made great progress on all fronts, most notably:

  • First-class support for Runtime upgrades via typegen with full type safety. Event interfaces are generated automatically by typegen for all spec versions (WIP).
  • Starting in-house implementation of the SCALE codec. Decoding metadata for all runtime spec versions takes > 1 min with polkadot.js. With our in-house implementation it takes only ~ 0.3 sec.
  • Going to get rid of the polkadot.js so that new lib versions never break your Subsquid mappings.
  • OpenReader: a lightweight and blazingly fast GraphQL API server.
  • Subsquid hosted service: (Web UI) Implement popups, context menus within the UI Kit, fix issues with some other components.
  • Subsquid hosted service: (Web UI) Integrated API for creating Squid.
  • Subsquid hosted service: (Web UI) Squid Creation Form, implement uploading file.
  • Subsquid hosted service: (Web UI) Implemented notifications as part of UI Kit, display success/error notifications for Squid Creation Form.
  • Subsquid hosted service: (Web UI) Fixed issues with authorization, now it works as expected.
  • Subsquid hosted service: (Web UI) Display user info from github profile (inside the header).
  • Subsquid hosted service: (Backend) Implemented endpoint for fetching project info for web UI.
  • Subsquid hosted service: (Backend) Implemented Log Out action from web UI.
  • Indexer for Crust is deployed.

To find out more about Subsquid, join us on our Discord server and chat to one of our helpful Subsquid team members or other users. For those who want some more background information on Subsquid and what it’s all about, our website and Medium page are the perfect places to start.

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