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PolkaWarriors Weekly Issue(dot)22
Published date: June 9 2021

I. Hot Topic


Automata Network - a decentralized service protocol providing a privacy middleware layer for dApps, has been chosen as the 20th project on Binance Launchpool.

Users can stake their $BNB, $BUSD & $DOT to farm $ATA over 30 days, with farming starting from June 2 at 00:00 AM(UTC)


The First Parachain on Kusama

II. Polkadot.News


Kucoin supports Kusama Crowdloan


$NUUM Testnet Faucet was live.


Clover Finance announced their $SKU Pre-crowdloan has been already living.

PolkaWarriors & DotMarketCap

PolkaWarriors & DotMarketCap joined Patract Open Platform


SubDAO is pleased with new members

Clover Finance

Android users can already download the Clover Wallet MOBILE APP on Google Play Store and get $SKU Airdrop


PolkaBTC is calling all testers!


Moonriver Crowdloan Pre-registration was Open

Kraken supports Moonriver Crowdloan


Dev updates for Sora, Polkaswap, and Fearless Wallet

Crust Network

$CSM is available on CoinMarketCap & Coingecko


Join 18,000+ KSM holders and register for the Karura crowdloan.

Fearless Wallet

The latest version of Fearless Wallet with staking $DOT and $KSM made simple.


Subquery upgrades new features to improve the experience for developers.


Sigmadex Announces Fundraising Contributors


Meme Competition of Zenlink

zCloak Network

zCloak Network will provide its zero-knowledge proof technology as a plugin for the EU digital wallet

Kylin Network

Kylin is live on Rococo


POLS is listed on KuCOIN

Shiden Network

ShidenNetwork crowdloan is officially supported in the latest version of #FearlessWallet

Manta Network

Manta Network announced their May update

Manta Network (The first layer-1, privacy-preserving protocol for DeFi built on Substrate) just announced their May update, which shows their working progress on both the engineering and community side. Let's together figure out their achievements last month.

- MantaSwap

- MantaPay

- Ambassador Program

- Partner with Phala & Crust

- Join Polkadot WASM Alliance & Polkadot DAO Alliance


Shell is connected to Kusama as a parachain!


Evanesco has successfully completed the SlowMist Smart Contract Security Audit

Evanesco has successfully passed SlowMist’s $EVA smart contract security audit. The audit results were all passed, and there is no risk in the comprehensive evaluation of the contract.

Plasm Network

Plasm Network introduced X-VM on Shiden Network

Plasm Network introduced a new proposed core feature called the X-VM (Cross Virtual Machine) on Shiden Network . The goal of X-VM is to establish a layer of abstraction that allows smart contracts to execute calls and read storage data from different contract engines (virtual machine) and languages (ex, interacting with Solidity dApps written in from ink! or vise versa) within the same blockchain. 


Patract had finished the development of #Redspot v0.4

Redspot is named after Jupiter's Great Red Spot, which is also the largest DOT in the solar system. Redspot's target project is Truffle in Truffle Suite. Redspot is a development environment, testing framework and asset pipeline for pallet-contracts. 

Khala Network

The Khala Crowdloan Dapp is now available, users can connect Kusama Wallet and invite friends here 

Ares Protocol

Ares is listed on HOTBIT

III. Partnership

Crust Network x Busy

Crust Network has announced partnerships with Busy Technology

Moonbeam x OpenZeppelin

Moonbeam Integrates with OpenZeppelin.

Kylin x Shield Finance

Kylin Network has announced a partnership with Shield Finance!

Darwinia x Genesis Shards

Darwinia has announced the integration with Genesis, Genesis Shards ties-up with decentralized cross-chain bridge network, Darwinia

Litentry x iMe 

Litentry has announced partners with iMe to extend on-chain identification to social media and increase adoption.

KONOMI x Polkalokr 

Konomi has announced a partnership with Polkalokr. 

DIA x Raze Network

DIA has announced partnerships with Raze Network to continue expanding DIA’s oracle integration into the Polkadot ecosystem & feed the Raze Network with transparent data feeds. 

V. Polkadot.Event

PolkaWarriors Giveaway

Polkawarriors has released issue 21

PolkaWarriors AMA(dot) 23 with Crafting Finance

Polkadot Buildathon: India

Don't miss your chance to meet the teams that made it to the final phase of Polkadot Buildathon: India. On June 11th tune into the Demo day to hear from developers and entrepreneurs behind the projects built for the #Polkadot ecosystem.