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How to Create a Nodle Cash Wallet

Published date: June 3 2020
v0.1.1 Feb 15 2021
TL;DR: go to, select Nodle Mainnet, and install the chrome extension to create an account


Nodle is migrating from the Stellar blockchain to our own, native Nodle Chain. Nodle is built upon Polkadot Substrate, and if you’re interested you can read a lot more about how it works here. We decided to migrate for a couple of reasons; primarily being that with a native blockchain, we can enable the features outlined in our white paper (like proof of connectivity, and our own decentralized PKI), while maintaining control over our own destiny.

Stellar enabled us to build a powerful MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and prove that we could build a business around incentivized IoT connectivity. It’s time for the next step. It is our pleasure to introduce the Nodle Chain. The Nodle chain is faster, more decentralized, and add more utility to your Nodle Cash Cryptocurrency (Like built in, decentralized certificates).

How to Create a Native Nodle Wallet

Nodle is built upon Polkadot Substrate, making it compatible with most Polkadot wallets. For this tutorial, we will use the official wallet.

Ledger support is coming soon, and we will update accordingly.

Step 1: Go to the Web Wallet

Note: We recommend using a Chrome based browser like Chrome or Brave. If you are using Brave (which you should be) please turn off ‘shields’ as it can cause errors.

Step 2: Make Sure You are Running The Nodle Chain Mainnet

a. Click on the drop down menu, and scroll down to where it says ‘Test Networks’ to find the Nodle Chain:

If you are running the Nodle Chain, Click “Cancel” to close the window.

If you are Not on the Nodle Chain Mainnet (for example you are on the Nodle Arcadia Testnet or Polkadot), Simply select “Nodle Chain” from the dropdown, and “Save and Reload”

Step 3: Create an Account:

a. Click on accounts:

There are a few ways to create an account; we are going to recommend the most user-friendly way.

b. Install the Polkadot-js extension, which is similar to Ethereum’s Metamask, except it does’t do this.

You can review the source code here:

c. Install the chrome extension:

Step 4: Set Up the Polkadot-js Chrome app

Take a deep breath; its lightyears better than Metamask. Like alien-spacecraft-vs-dug-out-canoe better.

a. Follow the directions to generate your account:

b. SUPER IMPORTANT: You have generated 12 words. Keep them extremely safe. If you lose these words, all of your funds will be lost. If someone else gets them, they can steal all of your crypto.

Note: We recommend writing your words on waterproof paper and storing them in multiple, secure locations.

You can use a password manager. Some good ones are:

  • - Keypass (Open Source) Keypassx on Mac.
  • - 1Password
  • - Dashlane
  • - Lastpass
  • - Apple Keychain (not easy to use)


  • Apple Notes
  • Google Keep
  • Microsoft Word document
  • Your Yahoo email account

If you lose your seed words, we have no way to recover them.

c. Now that you’ve saved your seed words securely, give your account a name, and

d. Add a strong password. We recommend using a long randomly generated password, stored in a password manager.

e. Now you have an account! Finish up:

f. Close the window by clicking outside it, and reload the page:

You’ll be asked to give permission for the webpage to access the Polkadot-js chrome app. Please allow. If you have closed the webpage, you will be asked to give your password.

You’re all set!

Click the icon to copy your public key

It will look something like this:


Nice work! You’re all ready to go. Bookmark this page and keep your seed words very safe.

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