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PolkaWarriors Weekly Issue(dot)20
Published date: May 24 2021


I. Polkadot.News

Acala x Current

Current- a leading U.S. financial technology company has partnered with Acala. The partnership has brought Hybrid Finance (HyFi) combining both traditional and decentralized financial applications.

With the integration of Acala, it is expected to bridge closed-loop fiat systems to open platform, which accelerates the development of HyFi infrastructure to deliver value to Current’s users.


The Moonbeam Foundation has released new information about the Moonriver Crowdloan

Plasm Network

Shiden Shell chain is successfully deployed locally and ready to launch on Kusama Network.


The Kusama slot auction is coming soon. As the canary network of ChainX, SherpaX will participate in the auction of the kusama slot and access Kusama as a parachain.

Clover Finance

Clover just announced Clover wallet mobile app is already in development mode.

KILT x SocialKYC

On May 19, Kiltprotocol announced the launching of SocialKY - a decentralised identity verification service.

With SocialKYC, users can manage, store & present their real-world credentials, as well as choose the elements of private information accessed by online services.

Konomi x KuCOIN

KuCoin will list Konomi Network $KONO. KONO/USDT trading pair will go live at 10:00 AM, on May 25 (UTC)


Subsocial just revealed that they have successfully upgraded the Subsocial's RPC and archive nodes at a block #4,074,347.

The update has changed their token symbol from $SMN to $SUB and their token decimals from 12 to 11.


Centrifuge has just introduced its Kusama Parachain: Altair. This is a chain built for risk-takers and innovators daring to push the limits of DeFi.


Subdao Network has just completed a new round of financing from leading funds & individuals. Among them: hypersphere, Huobi Ventures, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, CMS UNITED, Signum Capital, NGC Ventures, DFG, LD Capital, Illusionist Group, etc.


Ternoa has announced that $CAPS will soon be listed on :

• Gate_io

• Uniswap


HydraDX introducing Basilisk_finance, their sister network.

It will go hand in hand with HydraDX and allow Liquidity Bootstrapping for the Omnipool.

It will go for a Kusama network Parachain Slot and will have its own $BSX token.


"The Genshiro lockdrops will go live on May 27th! Lock 1 $EQ with 10 $GENS and get a bonus up to 30%.

Try the lockdrop on our testnet before it is launched. The tests are available until May 26."


Darwinia Canary Network Crab is going for the Kusama parachain auction.

Their just announced Kusama parachain auction strategy!

Join their warm-up event to win 100,000 $CRING now. Please keep tuned for the final parachain auction announcement!


Bifrost Kusama Slot Bidding Opens, Number of Participating Addresses on the Chain Now Tops 1,000.


zCloak Network has reserved parachain id 2010 in the Kusama Network.

Phala Network

"Phala Network added a new dashboard for the Khala launch process on Github.

Khala Network has already registered the 4th Kusama parachain (2004) successfully!

Manta Network

Manta Network has joined Polkadot DAO Alliance alongs with other 16 Polkadot ecological projects.


Sora just registered id 2011 for the ParaID on Kusama Network. Next step will be parathread deployment


Litentry will attend parachain auction firstly on Kusama as transition, and finally on Polkadot.


Standard has announced will list Coinone exchange on one of the most popular CEX in Korean market.

Fearless Wallet

Fearless has announced Fearless Wallet with hyper fast and smart $DOT $KSM Staking now available for testing on AndroidĐiện thoại di độngPháo khai tiệc Join the Android beta by opening the app page on Google Play and click ""Join"" in ""Join the beta"" section.

II. Partnership

Paralink x Polkalokr

Paralink has announced partner with Polkalokr, a highly customizable escrow for token economics. Paralink's multi-chain oracle platform will be integrated with Polkalokr to ensure accurate data feeds in real-time.

Coinversation x Crust

Coinversation has announce partnership with Crust , a implements the incentive layer protocol for decentralized storage. Coinversation will deploy and run web pages on Crust and will store user data based on Crust decentralized storage.

Crust x Patract Lab

Crust Network has announced partnership with Patract Labs and will integrate Wasm development tools and decentralized storage networks to support Web3 developers to easily deploy their DApps and websites.

Ankr x Moonbeam

Ankr has announced integrated with Moonbeam — an Ethereum-compatible smart contract parachain on Polkadot that makes it easy to build natively interoperable applications. As of now, developers building on Moonbeam will be able to spin up a Moonbeam node in just a few clicks, as well as access WS and HTTPS RPC endpoints in a user-friendly and reliable manner.

Tidal x Litentry

Tidal Finance has announced partnership with Litentry, a Web 3.0 cross-chain identity aggregation protocol with the ultimate goal of building a user-centric world with blockchain, based on Polkadot and Substrate. The Litentry network enables DID (decentralized identifiers) aggregation, verification, and credit calculation/ranking. This helps to achieve a better way to connect data from different decentralized services.

Paralink x Sienna Network

Paralink Network has announced partnership with Sienna Network

to integrate Oracles for its privacy-first lending platform.

Paralink’s oracle implementation will be integrated to provide accurate real-time price feeds.

Polkaswitch x Halborn

Polkaswitch has announced partnership with Halborn, one of the most reputable audit and cybersecurity firms in the blockchain industry. This development becomes yet another high-profile collaboration that we have entered into to fortify our platform as we continue our foray into the DeFi sector.

Ares Protocol x Kesef Finance

AresProtocols has announced a partnership with Kesef Finance. Kesef Finance is a multi-utility platform to simply crypto use among the masses and Ares Protocol is a smart, cross-chain Oracle-based protocol powered by Polkadot.


PolkaWarriors AMA (dot) 21 x Polkaswap

We are excited to organize the AMA with @polkaswap - A non-custodial AMM DEX built on Sora Network

Date: May 21, 01:00 PM (UTC)

Guest: Makoto Takemiya - Co-founder & CEO of SORAMITSU


Equilibrium started doing Community calls six months ago and they've become a real highlight! Their go live on May 27 at 1 PM UTC to cover our latest tech updates, demo their GenshiroDeFi lockdrop, and review the Kusama Network auction parameters! 


In the setting that the launch of Parachains crowdloans and auctions on Kusama are coming soon, the whole community is very excited.

Do you want to participate in an event in Spanish to comment on these events and update the latest news?

Mark your calendars to join with Úrsula 0'Kuingttons from Parity Technologies, Ambassadors Lorena Fabris and Hernan Borelli.

Polkadot Defi Alliance

Join top teams in the Substrate Polkadot ecosystem to discuss: Building a Substrate Standalone Chain vs a Polkadot Parachain.

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