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The Ternoa Grant Program: 3 projects in the running

Published date: November 12 2021
Ternoa Grant

In this article, get to know the three projects recently selected by Ternoa and our community to go through the Ternoa Grant Program.

Ternoa’s blockchain is becoming known internationally for its unique capacity to encrypt and transmit data through their SecretNFTs, leveraging its interoperability across several blockchain networks to enhance the project’s safety, community reach, and data hosting solutions. Such technology allows for an unlimited amount of DApps and or use cases to be created, addressing the public, gaming communities, and even huge enterprises.

In response to the community’s numerous innovative ideas, Ternoa has created the Ternoa Grant Program. This initiative will aid in the development of SecretNFT proof-of-concepts. If more information is needed on Ternoa’s Grant, individuals can gain more details about it here.

How the Grant Program Works

The process of application is straightforward; candidates must submit their concept, business plan, and project specifications onto the Ternoa Grant form. The project will then go through a selection process by Ternoa’s. The top three to five projects that have passed through our selections will be then presented live on Ternoa’s Twitch so that our community can decide which top three projects they prefer to go through the Grant Program.

This is where it gets exciting! If a project gets to this stage, its team has one month to create, brainstorm, and iterate its business plan, proof of concept, and other materials during this time. During this month, the team will be rewarded with Grant funds of up to $6,000 USD. With these materials, funding support, and advice from Ternoa’s own founders, the project’s team will create a five-minute pitch to present it live again on Twitch for the Ternoa community!

In our recent Twitch live episode (add link to youtube video once it’s live), we presented the current projects pre-selected by Ternoa for the community to vote on. Let’s take a closer look at the top three projects that the Ternoa community chose:

Tipple Network

Founded by Michael Vessey, Tipple Network is the first network for decentralized fine whiskies, backed by NFTs that guarantee the provenance, authenticity, and rarity of the asset. This project’s goal is to create a community-led organization that acts as the world’s primary validator of rare, collectible whiskies. The company was founded by a team of crypto experts, a grandiose passion for whisky, and 20+ years of business experience growing small businesses into success. The project has currently no direct competition, as the biggest competitor would be an existing NF T network like 4K moving into whisky and spirits.

Alphée Equi

Founded by Priscillia Cléchet, Alphée Equi aims to create international monitoring and traceability standard for equines with NFTs. By assigning an NFT to each horse, Alphée Equi centralizes all its personal information (veterinary report, breeder information, sale retraining) throughout its life. The project is led by a multidisciplinary team with international business profiles and solid entrepreneurship experience. The project regularly exchanges with breeders in the equine sector. Alphé Equi is the only project solution devoted to the equine market, “Weatherbys” & “HorsePassport”. It is important to note that none of these solutions use NFTs and this technology is not yet used in the equine field.


Founded by Fabrice, CryptoDeeJayZ is a unique collection of pixelated works reflecting the most exciting parties and concerts experienced. This can be a great way to immortalize events with your favorite artists. The project includes collectible NFTs, where it is possible to buy one or all of them if wanted. The team has extensive experience in the music industry, with a great network of musical artists. There is no direct competition except for bootleg, low-quality videos of the event.

Just the beginning

These selected use cases were just a few of the 30+ projects submitted to Ternoa in hopes of being in the running for the Grant Program, and it’s just the start! Ternoa plans on having numerous sessions of selections, allowing multiple waves of projects to go through the Grant Program. We are always looking for new, innovative ways to use our SecretNFT technology, and can’t wait to see what the community will be coming up with next!

If you have your own use case idea, apply here to have your idea reviewed by the team, with the possibility of being financed and implemented on Ternoa’s blockchain! If you feel that you want to have a deeper understanding of the SecretNFT project, you can also read Ternoa’s white paper here.

Stay up to date on Ternoa’s Grant Program and other projects in progress by following the project on Twitter and joining Ternoa’s Telegram for direct communication with their team!

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