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New staking solution for Ternoa’s CAPS on Just Mining

Published date: November 10 2021
Ternoa $CAPS staking on Just-Mining

In this article, learn all about Ternoa’s partnership with Just-Mining, resulting in a new CAPS ERC20 and BEP20 staking solution.

Just Mining launched their own CAPS listing and staking solution on October 29th, starting with a 50% APR! And it proved to be a hit. Ternoa is excited to have yet another great staking alternative for our CAPS holder

s, and we can’t wait to see what this new partnership will bring to our community!

Background on Ternoa’s CAPS

The CAPS token is Ternoa’s blockchain token. This currency plays a variety of functions in Ternoa’s ecosystem, including capsule creation, funding of the capsule’s decentralized storage over time, and encryption. The Ternoa network employs the Nominated-Proof-Of-Stake (NPos) consensus, which requires validators and nominators to maintain its integrity. CAPS tokens are used to compensate for the latter.

The token was listed on May 28th of this year on and Uniswap at the price of $0.014 per token. Since then, the token is now listed on PancakeSwap, ApeSwap, Beefy, AscendEX, Raydium, Zapper, and now, Just Mining.

Why is Staking Beneficial?

Staking can be defined as a validation tool that entails depositing a certain amount of cryptocurrency in order to earn income. The functionality of this system is quite similar to that of a savings account but offers more appealing return possibilities.

While the money is in the bank, the depositor obtains interest as compensation from the bank, which utilizes the cash for other reasons (lending, etc.). As a result, staking coins is analogous to earning interest.

It is important to keep bringing new options and exciting rewards for our CAPS holders. This is why when a partnership with Just Mining became a possibility, Ternoa jumped on it.

About Just Mining

Just Mining is a cryptocurrency and blockchain company with the primary goal of making these technologies accessible to as many people as possible. Owen Simonin, often known by the moniker “Hasheur,” founded the company in May 2017.

He is one of the most well-known French ambassadors for blockchain and cryptocurrency issues. Just Mining has established itself as the market leader in the world of cryptocurrency-related investments around the world.

The organization already has many cryptocurrencies available for staking such as Solana, Cardano, Polygon, Avalanche, Polkadot, Cosmos, and much more.

The company provides a variety of investment options, which are divided into three categories: staking, masternodes, and mining.

In regards to Ternoa’s CAPS, both parties decided it would be best to offer a CAPS listing, and then staking with an APR starting at 50%. You can buy and start staking CAPS, as well as follow the evolution of the APR here.

A Successful Launch

This listing and staking event quickly proved to be a great success. In less than three days, more than 16,000,000+ $CAPS have been staked, accounting for more than 1,500 stakers, and resulting in 50,000+ $CAPS rewards distributed so far! Ternoa and Just Mining see a bright future for CAPS on their platform and look forward to more great results and new opportunities.

Much more is in store for the CAPS token and the Ternoa project! Want to be kept up to speed on Ternoa’s newest updates? Stay informed by joining our Twitter and Telegram accounts.

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