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Ternoa x TehMoonwalkeR Telegram AMA Recap

Published date: November 10 2021
Ternoa x TehMoonwalkeR AMA Recap

Catch up on Ternoa’s recent AMA with the TehMoonwalkeR’s telegram community, highlighting important project factors and upcoming goals.

This November 3rd, 2021, Ternoa’s CEO, Mickael Canu was invited as a special guest on TehMoonwalkeR’s telegram group for an AMA (ask me anything). This is a well-known crypto community, having already hosted AMAs with other blockchain projects. Therefore it was a great opportunity for Ternoa’s CEO to go into depth about the fundamentals of Ternoa’s initiative, as well as answer pertinent questions from the community about the blockchain project. Numerous new updates on the project were provided, as well as enlightening comments on Ternoa’s origins.

The AMA Recap

BOBBY (Moonwalker Admin): Please introduce yourself to the community members.

Please tell us about your experience and work in the Crypto field and your role in the project?

Mickael (Ternoa CEO): Sure! I’m Mickael Canu, CEO, and founder of Ternoa. I have been a web developer for over 20 years, with 5 years specifically in tokenization and blockchain. I have always been interested in starting unique tech projects, and have already created multiple other tech companies before Ternoa.

I came up with Ternoa a few years ago, and not only play a large role in the direction of the project but also the technical part of the project

BOBBY (Moonwalker Admin): Let’s talk about the project in detail 

Please tell us about Ternoa and what its main aim is. How and when did its development start?

Mickael (Ternoa CEO): So Ternoa is a layer 1 blockchain dedicated to secure data encryption and transmission through the use of NFTs and unique sending protocols. Thanks to this technology, users will be able to secure their private data (photos, legal documents, wallet keys, etc.) in a Ternoa Time Capsule and transmit it to whomever, whenever they please (meaning 20–100+ years later), all with maximum security and no intermediaries.

Our main goal is to give the opportunity for each person that connects to the internet to be able to store and transmit their desired information in a highly secure and stable manner, as well as combine the crypto/blockchain world with general/real-world use cases! If you guys would like, you can read more into the project through our white paper: And or our website:

We actually started only 1 year ago! Since then we have grown to have a community of over 100k, a launched token CAPS, a wallet app, and so much more. To get more technical, our blockchain is in the testnet phase, but our project will launch mainnet in Q1 2022 

BOBBY (Moonwalker Admin): That’s some great achievement in a year 

Mickael (Ternoa CEO): Thanks! We are working hard to bring this technology to life as soon as possible.

BOBBY (Moonwalker Admin): Ternoa aims to become a Polkadot Parachain.

How do they plan to achieve this and how is the collaboration going to enhance the technology of Ternoa and help the users to use the platform easily?

Mickael (Ternoa CEO): We chose to be part of Polkadot because there are many benefits, for example being able to use the Substrate framework to build our blockchain off of. This allows us to build our ecosystem a lot quicker than normal, and achieve time to market faster.

Another important factor for us was to be sure that the Ternoa Blockchain has interoperability between as many different ecosystems as possible. We aim to build as many partnerships as we can, and are mainly focusing on our mainnet launch in Q1 2022 before tackling becoming a Polkadot Parachain

Also, thanks to our testnet at the moment users are able to test out the current blockchain features and help us perfect the user experience and fix any bugs

BOBBY (Moonwalker Admin): That sounds good, can you share the link?

Mickael (Ternoa CEO): Of course

At the moment users can test out minting, listing, and transferring their own NFTs, launching their own NFT Marketplaces, as well as starting nodes.

BOBBY (Moonwalker Admin): Thanks, Community members just give it a try.

Mickael (Ternoa CEO): Yeah! And we actually just made the whole process faster and easier, users can mint NFTs from their own mobile phone using our Ternoa Wallet App, which features NFTs and also recent DApps on the blockchain

You can try it out here for iOS and here for Android

BOBBY (Moonwalker Admin): Let’s talk about the team behind the project. Please tell us about the core team of Ternoa and how many members are there in the development team.

Mickael (Ternoa CEO): Sure, our team has actually grown from 5 to over 40 collaborators in just a few months' time, and is filled with international, well-experienced professionals all working together to bring Ternoa’s vision to all corners of the world. You can check out our team here:

We also give a few behind-the-scenes updates of our team on LinkedIn!

Our dev team is currently hiring at the moment, if any of you are interested, check out our careers page!

BOBBY (Moonwalker Admin): Please tell us about the exclusive features of Ternoa that make it different and special among so many crypto projects. What is your USP?

Mickael (Ternoa CEO): Thanks to our blockchain technology, the main unique features include the Time Capsule where users can securely store and encrypt their private data, plus the sending protocols where users can transfer their data at any point, even after their death!

The current data storage options like iCloud and Dropbox are very limited and invasive. Our solution has no intermediaries, and no time limit, along with maximum security.

These time capsules are just one example of how we can use technology. We are currently working with other companies and collectives in creating their own PoCs on the Ternoa Blockchain such as creating an NFT Marketplace with MMA Factory and Cyril Gane, offering services to notaries all over the world to allow their clients the ability to secure, post-mortem data transmission and so on.

Going more into detail about our sending protocols, our users have 5 different options to choose from:

  1. The Death Protocol for postmortem transmission;
  2. The Consent Protocol for a transmission based on the principle of activation of opening by third parties and non-opposition by the sender;
  3. The Countdown Protocol for setting a countdown before the time capsules is sent out;
  4. The Safe Protocol to store searchable information in the form of a digital safe; and
  5. The D-Day Protocol to store and send data on a specified date.

BOBBY (Moonwalker Admin): Let’s talk about the token, what is the tokenomics of your token, and how will you stimulate the users to hold your token in the long run?

Mickael (Ternoa CEO): Ternoa’s token is called $CAPS. It was listed on May 28th of this year on and Uniswap at the price of $0.014 per token. Since then, the token is now listed on PancakeSwap, ApeSwap, Beefy, AscendEX, Raydium, Zapper, & Just Mining, and has had a very healthy growth pattern!

It’s utility is being the key to our blockchain governance for creating time capsules/SecretNFTs and making the Ternoa universe flow. It also is a commodity, with a fixed supply of 2,5 billion tokens.

To get $CAPS, visit our website:

We also have our own bridge so you can convert your $CAPS to BEP20:

And a bridge to the Solana ecosystem:

And we love rewarding our CAPS holders, often offering new staking and farming solutions.

Currently, there are staking/farming options on Apeswap, Ascendex, Beefy, Uniswap, PancakeSwap, and Just Mining. You can check these out here:

There will be more to come! This is just the beginning for $CAPS.

BOBBY (Moonwalker Admin): And lastly, please tell the community a bit more about late 2021 plans?

Please tell us about your Roadmap and milestones in the future.

Mickael (Ternoa CEO): The end of 2021 will be very exciting! We launched our blockchain testnet a few weeks ago, as I mentioned users can now test out all of our current features on the blockchain like minting their own NFTs, creating their own NFT marketplaces, launching nodes, and soon they will be able to test out our sending protocols.

So today, all of our energy is focused on further developing the blockchain, the user’s experiences on testnet and our international reach so that the project is well prepared for the mainnet launch in Q1 of 2022! 

We will be announcing some very exciting partnerships coming up as well, as well as other great rewards opportunities for CAPS holders.

BOBBY (Moonwalker Admin): Will wait eagerly 

Mickael (Ternoa CEO): We actually just launched a new staking and listing on Just Mining —

BOBBY (Moonwalker Admin): Community members have a look That’s all for round 1

Mickael (Ternoa CEO): Be sure to join our communities! There is A LOT more coming for the project 



BOBBY (Moonwalker Admin): Now we move on to the live AMA questions. Please select the best 4 questions.

Pieter (Community Member): I heard about the TERNOA GRANT PROGRAM. Can you explain or share link media with Information about this news?

Mickael (Ternoa CEO): Sure! We are very excited about having launched this Ternoa Grant program. Since the use cases on the Ternoa blockchain are limitless, we wanted to see what our community could come up with in terms of new DApps and or PoCs.

You can check that out here if you’re interested:

And we have a video presenting the program as well:

The PoCs will first go through a selection process by the Ternoa team, then our community will choose what projects win the grant.

New NFT playoffs AWS (Community Member): PARTNERSHIP & COLLABORATIONS are the backbones in making every project more widespread. Can you list some of your partners with us?

Mickael: In terms of partnerships, our project has made great connections with not only blockchain/crypto collabs but the B2C and B2B general public markets.

We currently have over 10 large partnerships with investment funds like Master Ventures, GD10 Ventures, CoinGecko, and so on.

And over 30 partnerships with known international influencers like Mr. Beast, Romain Lanery, Ash WSB, and other key opinion leaders.

We also have even done collaborations with Binance NFT Marketplace, MMA Factory, Elrond, Syment (a real-estate company), notaries, and are always looking for new collaboration and partnership opportunities

Xuân Mai (Community Member): How old is Your project? What are the major plans ahead? Could you show us an image of your roadmap?

Mickael (Ternoa CEO): Our project is only 1 year old.

Here is our current roadmap leading to mainnet launch in Q1 2022 

Laury McCarthy (Community Member): Each project has interesting stories before it is created. So can you tell people about the story that gave you the motivation to build and develop a great project like yours?

Mickael (Ternoa CEO): When I had my children, I wanted to find a solution on how to share the memories we shared together as they grew up. So I created the idea of the time capsule, storing digital data like photos, videos etc., and being able to send them to the future for my children to view when they are adults!

I also noticed the lack of options in terms of solutions for people to be the sole owners of their data space and have total control over who sees it and what you can put in it. This is becoming more and more of a necessity today, not only for the general public but for large companies as well.

BOBBY (Moonwalker Admin): Thanks for joining us today

Mickael (Ternoa CEO): Feel free to join the Ternoa adventure!

BOBBY (Moonwalker Admin): It was an amazing AMA session

Mickael (Ternoa CEO): Thanks for having me. If any of you have more questions join us now on telegram! Our team is always there to help, and hosts giveaways, events, and more!

We also will be hosting a live on Twitch this Friday for all who are interested —

Thanks everyone!

Ternoa’s growing community

AMAs are always a fantastic chance to communicate Ternoa’s principles and aspirations, as well as to contribute to the expansion of our project’s worldwide reach and support base. This interview-style enables us to maintain constant transparency with our community while also informing folks about our most recent developments. Ternoa is always looking forward to collaborating with industry enthusiasts, and will be releasing many more AMA’s in the future!

Want to be kept up to speed on Ternoa’s newest updates? Stay informed by joining our Twitter and Telegram accounts.

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