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Bifrost will support Bit.Country Pioneer Kusama Crowdloan through SALP Protocol

Published date: October 27 2021

We are pleased that Bifrost will be supporting Bit.Country Pioneer in the third batch of the Kusama slot auctions through the SALP protocol and releasing its contributors’ bonding liquidity.

Bifrost x Bit.Country Pioneer

Bit.Country & Metaverse Network is an application framework and blockchain for user-created metaverses and games. Bit.Country enables everyone to start their own metaverse for their social groups using the 3D world, NFTs, play-to-earn & build communities to earn, and takes community engagement to a new decentralized dimension on Web3.0.

Bit.Country & Metaverse Network is disrupting the current creators’ value system built by web2.0, as traditional social platforms are harvesting the value from the community’s time, only distributing a portion of the profits to the creators while members are only being entertained, but not rewarded.

Bit.Country Pioneer Network (Application & Blockchain for Kusama), the pioneering network is the sister and canary platform for Kusama. Just as Bit.Country will serve as the de-facto metaverse portal of Polkadot, Bit.Country Pioneer will serve as the metaverse portal of Kusama.

Bifrost will partner with Bit.Country to fast-track the democracy for Bit.Country Pioneer SALP creating, to support its liquid crowdloan may catching up the 3rd batch auctions. By using the SALP protocol, users will be able to join derivatives mining with vsKSM, and receive Bifrost’s native token $BNC as a reward. This is on top of the $NEER rewards that users receive as part of the Bit.Country Pioneer crowdloan rewards. Once Bit.Country Pioneer wins the auction, the vsKSM will be tradable for swap between KSM and other assets effortlessly.

Bit.Country Pioneer Crowdloan Rewards

Bit.Country Pioneer crowdloan is live on Kusama! As part of the crowdloan, Bit.Country Pioneer presents an opportunity for those willing to back us by locking their KSM for 48 weeks to help us to secure a parachain slot on Kusama. The decentralized code on Kusama will return the KSM to you automatically after the loan expires. In return, Bit.Country Pioneer will reward the contributors with 15% of the total supply of $NEER tokens, plus other interesting bonuses.


  • Bonus Reward 1 — Early Bird: The first 1000 participants will receive an extra 10% bonus.
  • Bonus Reward 2 — ReferralReferral Program: If you refer someone and that person uses your referral code, both parties will receive an extra 5% bonus split (2.5% each) based on referred’s contribution. You will receive a referral code after making a contribution on [](
  • Bonus Reward 3— Land for Your Own Metaverse: We will gift you land block(s) if your contribution is qualified. This additional reward will enable you to launch your own metaverse for your friends, families, or communities without breaking the bank.


About Bit.Country

Bit.Country (Metaverse Hub of Polkadot), a Substrate-based decentralized world with a game-like feel that puts community at the forefront. Bit.Country enables everyone to start their own metaverse with the 3D world, digital real estate, user-created games, NFTs, and social token and play-to-earn-mining opportunities.

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