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Ternoa launches a Grant program for community members

Published date: October 27 2021

In this article, learn all about Ternoa’s new grant program, intended to support the community members in creating PoCs on the Ternoa blockchain.

Ternoa’s blockchain is starting to become internationally known for its unique ability to encrypt and transmit data, using its interoperability between other blockchain ecosystems to fortify the project’s security and storage options. There is no doubt that there are unlimited amounts of DApps and or Proof of Concepts to be created on this blockchain, targeting the general public, gamer communities, and even large businesses. Therefore, Ternoa’s team aims to reach out to the great community of developers to get their insight on future impactful projects that can be hosted on the blockchain.

Now that Ternoa has recently launched their testnet, the community, in general, has been able to test out some of the blockchain’s technology, minting their own NFTs and creating their own NFT Marketplaces. While noticing many interesting ideas from the community, Ternoa has decided to provide a unique opportunity for the community and future projects: the Ternoa Grant. This program will help the creation of unique proofs-of-concepts of our SecretNFTs.

People may already apply here, for their proof-of concepts or Dapps to be reviewed by the team, and possibly get funded and applied to Ternoa’s blockchain! To get a better grasp on the project’s SecretNFT technology, feel free to read through Ternoa’s white paper.

Application Process

The application process is simple, all aspiring applicants need to do is submit their idea, business plan, and project specs directly on the Ternoa website. The project then goes through a selection process held by the Ternoa team.

If the idea is selected, applicants for the grant program will be offered 6,000 USD. During this period, selected applicants will have one month to work, brainstorm, and iterate their business model, PoC, etc.

Afterwards, projects will be pitched publicly, and Ternoa’s community will vote for their favorite project!

Motivation is key

While there are an infinite amount of ideas that can be created from Ternoa’s SecretNFTs, the team will be looking for candidates with strong, feasible plans. They will be looking for experienced developers with not only a clear vision of their project and a concrete business plan, but strong motivation and creativity to bring their idea to life!

Ternoa is ready to support the best ideas and host them on the Ternoa blockchain for all of their community and partners to use. Don’t be shy! If you or someone you know has a great use case for Ternoa’s technology, be sure to apply today.

More support on the way

Ternoa is determined to help the community with wonderful use case ideas for our SecretNFTs reach their goals and bring useful projects and DApps to life. This Grant is just the start to many collaborations with the community.

If you have a great idea and are interested in applying for Ternoa’s grant program, visit the grant description page on our website, watch our recent video on the subject, or follow updates like this on Twitter!

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