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AMA with Ternoa’s CEO in Elrond’s Telegram Community

Published date: October 27 2021
Ternoa x Elrond AMA Recap

In this article, read into recent questions asked by Elrond’s Telegram community to Ternoa’s CEO, Mickaël Canu, about the Ternoa project and its unique innovations.

Mid-July of this year, Ternoa announced its exciting collaboration with Elrond, the highly scalable and secure blockchain platform for DApps, enterprise use cases, and more. This collaboration aims to bring interoperability between the two blockchain ecosystems thanks to a new NFT bridge. While this NFT bridge is still under construction, on October 19th, the two projects decided to host an AMA on Elrond’s Telegram community channel with Ternoa’s CEO, Mickaël Canu, as a guest. This allowed their communities to ask direct questions about Ternoa and what the two blockchains aim to achieve with this new NFT bridge.

AMA Recap

Michael Steven (Elrond Admin): Everyone, please welcome Mickaël Canu!

Mickaël Canu (Ternoa CEO): Hi everyone, happy to be here :)

Mickael Steven (Elrond Admin): ​​Let’s start with a short introduction Mickael, tell us how did you discover blockchain and what motivated you to start working on Ternoa ?

Mickaël Canu (Ternoa CEO): Sure! My name is Mickael Canu, I am the CEO and founder of Ternoa. I have been a web developer for over 20 years, with 5 years specifically in tokenization and blockchain.

I have always been interested in starting unique tech projects, and before Ternoa, I came up with the idea when I started having children. I wanted to find a solution on how to share the memories we created together as they grow up. So the time capsule concept came quite easily, allowing me to store digital data like photos, videos, etc., and send it to the future for my children to view when they are adults! 

Mickael Steven (Elrond Admin): That is a really great use case indeed and a great idea!

Mickaël Canu (Ternoa CEO): Thanks! Yes, this project has a lot to give 

For those who don’t know about Ternoa, Ternoa is a layer 1 blockchain dedicated to secure data encryption and transmission through the use of sending protocols

Thanks to this technology, users will be able to secure their private data (photos, legal documents, wallet keys, etc.) in a Ternoa Time Capsule and transmit it to whomever, whenever they please (meaning 20–100+ years later), all with maximum security and no intermediaries.

Solasolsi (community member): We could remind everyone that there is also a YouTube video talking about the world of possibilities and some example for use cases. 

Mickaël Canu (Ternoa CEO): Yes there are a few videos! Here is one:

Tink (community member): A warm welcome to our community @Mickael_Canu_AMA Please can you explain the utility of the CAPS token?

Mickaël Canu (Ternoa CEO): Sure! Its utility is being the key to our blockchain governance for creating time capsules/SecretNFTs and making the Ternoa universe flow. It also is a commodity, with a fixed supply of 2,5 billion tokens.

To get $CAPS, visit our website:

We also have our own bridge so you can convert your $CAPS ERC20 to BEP20:

LM (Community member): Hi Mickael, can you tell me how are you handling storage issues of NFT data?

Mickaël Canu (Ternoa CEO): Yes great question, for data storage we have chosen to develop the Ternoa Blockchain on the Substrate framework, which allows interoperability with other existing Blockchains. Thanks to this, the Ternoa Blockchain redirects the files to be stored to other blockchains specialized in decentralized storage such as Storj, Sia, or Arweave!

Ben Nguyen (community member): Hi @Mickael_Canu_AMA, This is really interesting! I have a question here: What tools does Ternoa offer for developers and how are they incentivized to build on your network?

Mickaël Canu (Ternoa CEO): Thank you! We are actually really interested in seeing what the community has in mind for PoCs of our NFT technology, and have just launched a grant program to motivate developers in creating some!

You can check that out here if you’re interested:

Paws (Elrond Admin): My first question is for both communities to get a sense of what the partnership entails. Can you explain the reasons why you picked the Elrond blockchain to partner with and what benefits will it bring to both communities?

Mickaël Canu (Ternoa CEO): Interoperability between our blockchain ecosystem and other major players in the blockchain world is extremely important for us, so creating an NFT bridge with Elrond was an easy choice.

AL Wells (Community Member): What is the most ambitious goal of your project? Could share with us any Upcoming Updates?

Mickaël Canu (Ternoa CEO): At the moment we just released our testnet, which allows users to test out the Ternoa blockchain and helps us prepare our products for our mainnet launch in Q1 2022!

GG (Community Member): Hi Mickaël, I saw this question on Twitter and I don’t think there was an answer: What happens if a court case is related to Times Capsules? Is there any way to “force” them open?

Mickaël Canu (Ternoa CEO): There’s no way to force open a time capsule if you’re not the true owner 

By protecting time capsule content with GPG keys and user passphrases, Ternoa makes sure that all content is kept secure. But there is an additional way to achieve this: the secret itself can be segmented into parts, using an algorithm called Shamir’s Secret Sharing, SSS for short. In this way, the required key needs to be reconstructed before decryption.

It’s quite technical so, for more information about the security, I invite you to read this article:

Tink (Community member): How is Ternoa safeguarding NFT against copying?

Mickaël Canu (Ternoa CEO): We actually have our own technology solution for this called the SecretNFT. NFTs on our blockchain is encrypted and allow only the true owner to see the secret within, aka the full quality version of the NFT!

For more info feel free to check out our white paper

Savanna Hoa (Community Member): How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates?

Mickaël Canu (Ternoa CEO): Sure! Here are some links to look more into Ternoa:

Join us on Telegram to talk with our team and get more insights 

Minh (community member): What major partnerships do your project intend to use or how does your project bring its products to the average consumer — especially non-crypto users?

Mickaël Canu (Ternoa CEO): So far we have international partnerships with over 15 Venture Capitals, as well as with 40+ KoL and media groups to help extend our global reach.

Ternoa’s goal is to give the opportunity for each person that connects to the internet to be able to store and transmit their desired information in a highly secure and stable manner, as well as combine the crypto/blockchain world with general/real-world use cases.

Cocoa (Community Member): Can we stake Ternoa $CAPS?

Mickaël Canu (Ternoa CEO): Yes! We have staking/farming options on Apeswap, Ascendex, Beefy, Uniswap, and PancakeSwap. You can check these out here:

There will be more to come! This is just the beginning for $CAPS.

Alomgir (community member): Partnership is always an important factor for every project. So who is your partner? What are the benefits you get from those relationships?

Mickaël Canu (Ternoa CEO): We currently have over 10 large partnerships with investment funds like Master Ventures, GD10 Ventures, CoinGecko, etc.

And over 30 partnerships with known international influencers like Mr. Beast, Romain Lanery, Ash WSB. We also have even done collaborations with Binance NFT Marketplace, MMA Factory, and of course Elrond as well 

We are always on the lookout for new partnerships and opportunities, especially if a company would like to create its own use case on our blockchain!

A Lavendar (community member): Where can I buy your tokens now, what are your current contracts address and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?

Mickaël Canu (Ternoa CEO): So $CAPS is originally an ERC20 token, and was listed on May 28th this year on and Uniswap at the price of $0.014 per token. Since its start, the token is now listed on PancakeSwap, ApeSwap, Beefy, Zapper & AscendEX.

To get $CAPS, all of the direct links are our website:

We also have our own bridge so you can convert your $CAPS ERC20 to BEP20:

Make sure you guys join our telegram to stay up to date on the project, we have a lot of exciting things coming up!


Tra Dao (community member): Is your platform global or is there any restriction to certain regions?

Mickaël Canu (Ternoa CEO): We are a global project with team members all around the world. We currently have 12 different nationalities in our team!

And in regards to our community, we started language-based communities like French, Spanish, Chinese, and so on, you can see their channels here:

Petrica (Community member): Can you offer more details about D-Day protocol?

Mickaël Canu (Ternoa CEO): Sure thing, there are actually five different protocols developed for users to choose from when setting up their Time Capsule:

1. The Death Protocol for postmortem transmission;

2. The Consent Protocol for a transmission based on the principle of activation of opening by third parties and non-opposition by the sender;

3. The Countdown Protocol for setting a countdown before the time capsules is sent out;

4. The Safe Protocol to store searchable information in the form of a digital safe; and

5. The D-Day Protocol to store and send data on a specified date, let’s say for your child’s 18th birthday or after an anniversary

GG (community member): Thanks a lot for your answer 

And maybe one more question, are you recruiting engineers for end study internships?

Mickaël Canu (Ternoa CEO): At the moment we are hiring developers to help boost our blockchain and prepare for our mainnet launch in Q1 2022 

you can check out our current career opportunities here:

JMY (community member): Hi Mickaël ! Can you tell us more about your strategy to reach international Notaries?

Mickaël Canu (Ternoa CEO): We are already working on partnerships with notaries at the moment, and will just be working our way up from there! Each country will have its own restrictions, but we have a few plans on how to work through this.

Petrica (community member): very valid use cases. Thanks.

Mickaël Canu (Ternoa CEO): Sure! The use cases are unlimited with this project! Ternoa is not just for the general public, but it is also great for the B2B market. We have already partnered with over 10 different companies that have started their own use cases using the Ternoa Blockchain.

For example, we recently announced a partnership with a real estate company, and even with the MMA Factory and Cyril Gane, a world-known MMA fighter.

We will collaborate on NFT collections as well as an MMA themed NFT Marketplace (

Cameron (community member): Have you done any audit process??

Mickaël Canu (Ternoa CEO): Our project has been previously audited and our token was validated in early February by the world-famous Certik Foundation Also, the Ternoa blockchain is based on Substrate framework and the Polkadot Blockchain, which allows another important layer of security.

Daniel (community member): So many projects just like to speak about the “long term vision and mission” but what are your short term objectives? What are you focusing on right now?

Mickaël Canu (Ternoa CEO): Our blockchain is currently on testnet, which allows our users to get a sneak peek into what our technology can do. At the moment they can test out minting, listing, and transferring their own NFTs, launching their own NFT Marketplaces, as well as starting nodes.

To test out our blockchain, users can claim 150 test CAPS per day from our faucet. Feel free to try it out and mint your own NFTs!

In our next phase of testnet, users will be able to test out our time capsules and sending protocols! There are a lot more exciting things to come before mainnet, be sure to join our telegram to stay tuned —

Lulian (Community member): Hi @Mickael_Canu_AMA , love the wallet, been using it for some time now and managed to put my hands on a few NFTs. My question is: Could there be any potential issues between the Apple store and Ternoa wallet in the near future?

I remember other networks had issues in the past with Apple’s legal team not allowing their product on the store because of NFTs.

Cheers, and keep doing what you’re doing 

Mickaël Canu (Ternoa CEO): Great! For those who don’t know, we have our own Ternoa Wallet which is where users can access our current DApps: Secret NFT marketplace and Tiime Engine, as well as mint, transfer, decrypt and list NFTs on the Ternoa blockchain. It has already been downloaded over 40k times. Tomorrow we will be releasing a new video about this wallet!

You can download here for iOS and here for Android

There should be no issues in regards to the apple store and our Ternoa wallet, it was approved and has been running smoothly ever since! The wallet app is only in the alpha version, so it is just in testing for the moment.

Michael (Elrond Admin): We thank @Mickael_Canu_AMA for being with us tonight for an awesome AMA! We are excited for our partnership with Ternoa that will enable users to NFTize their memories on the Elrond Network with blockchain time capsules.

Stay up to date with Ternoa and its developments here:

Paws (Elrond Admin): Thanks so much @Mickael_Canu_AMA loads of awesome questions and of course excellent answers from you…

Mickaël Canu (Ternoa CEO): Thank you all for a great AMA. Looking forward to talking more with you all more in our Ternoa telegram!

Thank you to Elrond as well @MichaelStev @costip @margaritapaws

Just the beginning of a strong partnership

Announcing the creation of an NFT bridge with Elrond has launched the start of a promising partnership between Ternoa and Elrond. On top of that, this AMA has brought our two communities closer, allowing them to both learn more details on what this collaboration will bring. The projects aim to continue these collaborations as time goes on, both community-wise and technologically.

There is a lot more to create between these projects, be sure to stay up to date on this collaboration and Ternoa’s developments by following our Twitter, and join our Telegram to chat directly with the team!

AMA with Ternoa’s CEO in Elrond’s Telegram Community was originally published in Ternoa on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.