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How is Ternoa using TEE technology to maximize security?

Published date: October 7 2021

In this article, we will take a look at Trusted Execution Environments, and how Ternoa is using them to revolutionize security

Ternoa is always working on new ways to improve security and privacy for its users. But when we speak of data security, it is essential that we analyze Trusted Execution Environments, TEE for short. This is a secure area inside a processor that prevents data breaches by means of executing tasks in an isolated manner. It does so by holding its own access keys and only disclosing data after third parties have met the necessary security criteria.

With this in mind, you might be getting an idea of what the “Trusted” part of TEE means. This is where the main security features of TEE come in and how Ternoa is using them in order to make our capsule NFTs safer. Although this is a rather technical topic, we will do our best to keep the explanation simple and accessible for everyone.

How is Ternoa using TEEs?

Ternoa wants to revolutionize data security. That is why we are working hard to provide our users with a Trusted Execution Environment with Intel SGX. This is how it works:

First of all, one must keep in mind that content sent on Ternoa, be it documents, keys, audios or videos, use encrypted capsules that are a specific NFT minted through this unique security process. In order to decrypt a capsule, Ternoa users also need to use a passphrase. How is that passphrase kept safe? It is encrypted as well, using GPG keys.

By protecting capsule content with GPG keys and user passphrases, Ternoa makes sure that all content is kept secure. But there is an additional way to achieve this: the secret itself can be segmented into parts, using an algorithm called Shamir’s Secret Sharing, SSS for short. In this way, the required key needs to be reconstructed before decryption. But what if the segments are not stored properly? The entire process would be ruined, for sure. Here is where Intel SGX TEEs come in: they provide the perfect place to store the keys, away from attacks and off the chain itself, on sectors called masternodes.

While it is true that no system is completely secure, there is a lot blockchain companies can do to bring their services up to speed with developments from hackers or malicious attacks. With this priority, Ternoa has started working with companies to provide security solutions: this is the case of our partnership with Syment, a real estate service provider. As we mentioned in our previous article, it is important for that company to protect co-owners’ privacy. This is why Trusted Execution Environments are a perfect fit in terms of security.

What is Ternoa doing to become safer?

Ternoa Capsule

Ternoa is always looking for ways to protect our users’ content. We take this responsibility seriously, and this is why we are developing more new security solutions using TEEs. We strive for companies and individuals to feel safe in trusting their data to the Ternoa blockchain, due to the fact that, by using TEEs, data is accessible only to those with authorized programming code, remaining invisible and unknowable to anyone else, including Ternoa itself. We believe anyone who wants to leverage the security benefits of the blockchain should have Ternoa in mind.

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