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Altair: Hello, World!

Published date: October 6 2021

We won Kusama parachain auction #9, what’s next?!

After winning Auction #9 on Wednesday (read about how that worked here ) we’re now excited to share a detailed process for fully launching Altair!

Launch Process

If you remember from our original launch process overview, Altair went live with a stripped down runtime, similar to the process Gav described here for Statemine. There are currently no balances, external collators, governance, or transfers enabled yet. Now that Altair has been running smoothly — it will begin the process of a series of runtime upgrades gradually rolling out Altair after passing code review and acceptance testing. Step 2 is scheduled to begin the week of October 11th.

  1. Polkadot/Kusama Compatibility. Our Altair Nodes have been upgraded to cumulus v0.9.10 this weekend ✅
  2. State migration. Balances & accounts from the CFG snapshot will be migrated onto the Altair parachain, including proxied and vesting accounts.
  3. Enable crowdloan AIR claiming. Allow Altair crowdloan participants to claim their AIR on-chain
  4. Governance. Altair’s on-chain governance will be enabled. This includes council elections and enabling of the democracy module.

~2 week break to allow the community to vote and participate~

5. Removal of the Sudo Key & Balance Transfers. Remove the Sudo pallet and enable AIR holders to transfer tokens.

6. Enable NFT Pallet. Add our NFT Pallet for people to mint and transfer NFTs 


7. Collators & Staking. Altair will begin to add external collators and will enable staking.

We plan to do these upgrades at least 1 week apart to allow for enough testing of the individual improvements. While sudo will be used for 2 & 3, the final steps (5 & 6) will be up to on-chain governance to initiate.This process is subject to change, pending on each upgrade going smoothly. Make sure to sign up for updates for the latest timelines!


Balances and accounts from the CFG snapshot (block 6650475) will be migrated onto the Altair parachain in the next upgrade of the Altair Launch Process (see the overview in the section above!). You don’t have to do anything, anyone who held CFG in their wallet on-chain during the snapshot will see AIR in the same account when used on Altair.

If you were a CFG holder on CoinList (or any other platform where you did not create an address directly on Centrifuge Chain) then you will need to contact them directly for access to your AIR tokens! Note that wCFG holders were not eligible for the snapshot.

Balance transfers, however, will not be enabled until later on in the Launch Process to ensure a smooth transition! The tentative timeline is to have balance transfers live in 5–6 weeks, but this is subject to change pending on each upgrade going smoothly — so make sure to sign up for updates for the latest timelines!

AIR Rewards 

Crowdloan participants that staked KSM to the Altair crowdloan will need to claim their AIR on-chain once AIR claiming has been enabled in step 3 of the Launch Process! If you contributed directly on Kusama or through the Altair website, you will be able to navigate to to claim your AIR once the claim function is enabled on Altair (remember to connect your account with the polkadot.js extension!). If you contributed through an exchange you will get your AIR tokens in your exchange account.

As detailed above, balance transfers will not be enabled until later on in the Launch Process to ensure a smooth transition!

Bonus Recipients

You can now check your early bird and referral bonuses on the Altair website at !!

Heavyweight Bonus winners have been announced! The first 1500 contributors that staked 10 or more KSM and the top 333 contributors will each receive special, limited edition RMRK NFTs. Read more details here.

Stay tuned for more information on receiving your NFTs!

Coming Soon!

The first functionality on Altair: NFT Studio

Imagine if you bought a mortgage-backed security and you could look at all of the houses in it? We think that would be wild. In fact, so wild that it belongs on Altair! Welcome to the first functionality coming soon to Altair: NFT Studio. Users will be able to use NFT Studio to view NFTs, mint NFTs, and look at NFT collections.

Altair wants to push the limits of what is possible today in DeFi. Not only will you be able to finance assets on chain — but you will also be able to view collections of assets in each pool! From real-world assets like houses to NFT collectibles — Altair is bringing this functionality to life after the Launch Process is complete.

Next up: integrations with other protocols. We think it is essential to collaborate and integrate with other parachains and projects in the Kusama ecosystem. We are hard at work on the details — so stay tuned for more details on our upcoming integrations.

No Limits.


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