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Polkadot Korea Meetup

Published date: October 5 2021

Learn how “Web3.0” was coined and conceptualised by Polkadot and Ethereum founder Gavin Wood, and how he envisioned the Polkadot network as an infrastructure for it. They will also hear from the builders in the Polkadot/Web3 ecosystem in Korea about their recent developments and how they started with the Polkadot ecosystem.

This event is a perfect starting point for Korean entrepreneurs and developers who are interested in the world of Web3.0, Polkadot and Kusama.

They will also have an online participation by Gavin for the live Q&A session with the Korean community. If you wish to ask a question to Gavin, please send the application from here.

Agenda (all in Seoul time, UTC+9):

  • 6:30pm Opening
  • 6:35pm Keynote by Gavin Wood (recorded with Korean subtitles)
  • 7:00pm Panel Discussion with Polkadot builders in Korea
  • 7:30pm Panel Discussion with Korean ecosystem players in Web3 space
  • 8:00pm Live Q&A session with Gavin Wood
  • 8:15pm Closing


  • Gavin Wood, Co-Founder of Parity Technologies, Polkadot
  • Kevin Lee, CEO of RAI Finance
  • Sihyeok Yu, Research Head at Terra
  • SOSO HyunSick Choi, CMO at Bifrost 
  • Hyungsuk Kang, Maintainer of Standard Protocol 
  • John Park, SparkLabs
  • Yusuke Obinata, Web3 Foundation
  • Eric Wang, Parity Technologies