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September Recap: Ternoa takes leaps toward its Testnet launch

Published date: September 30 2021

September has been an incredible month for Ternoa, full of product launches, partnerships, community events, and more

This month, Ternoa has taken the blockchain ecosystem by surprise with lots of exciting news. First of all, we finally believe that our next big step is really close: we are talking about the launch of our Testnet. Surely you are as excited as us about this, but a lot of things have happened recently for this amazing project that also deserves our attention. Let’s take a look at the main milestones of the past thirty days, with the hope that you will have a clear idea of where Ternoa is headed, and what we can expect in the future for $CAPS, investment opportunities, community events, and more, much more.

Taking the TernoaChain to the next level

The Testnet is on its way! After several months of hard work, our team of developers at Ternoa is getting the final details ready so our users can enjoy our project as they have never done before. We would like to keep things as a surprise for this one, but you can be sure that after it has been launched, you will be able to enjoy amazing features, like NFT Minting on the SecretNFT Marketplace, and bullet-proof security features thanks to our Nodes. So, get your Ternoa wallets ready, there is not much time left!

The TernoaChain just hit an amazing milestone. We are talking about the 18,000+ NFTs that were minted in only 2 hours thanks to our Tiime Engine’s Happy Tiime event! But we are not going to leave it at that. We have already set up our next minting goals: we plan to be able to mint 1,500 NFTs per minute on our fresh-new testnet. That number will increase to 50k+ minted NFTs/minute on the mainnet!

We are also very happy to announce that we are making progress on enabling Arweave on Ternoa! Thanks to their technology, users will be able to back up each TernoChain block onto Arweave. Specifically, this will be done by syncing capsule content with their ecosystem. And what would crypto transactions be without an explorer? That is why a brand new Ternoa Explorer is on the way! Thanks to it, users will be able to search for transactions and accounts on the TernoaChain. They will also be able to track capsules and know the status of NFTs transactions, as all of them will appear instantly for users to look at.

As you know, Ternoa also wants to revolutionize data security. This is why we want to provide our users with the best: we are talking about Trusted Execution Environments. We are very close to completing our Intel SGX nodes! So much so that our masternodes model is ready and will be implemented on the Ternoa Testnet. Besides, the nodes will be open-source, adding another layer of security, this time from the eyes of the community.

Exciting New Partnerships

Ternoa is happy to announce a new partnership with Syment, a French company that provides digital tools to help co-owners manage their real estate assets. This is the first official implementation of Ternoa’s SecretNFTs, and given the important and sensitive nature of the things discussed and voted on in the meetings and the need for maximum security and immutable minutes, this is the perfect use case. Also, users also need a way to store meeting minutes in an immutable store of data. This is where Ternoa’s time-stamping, encrypted storage, and security protocols come in, again, all thanks to our SecretNFTs.

Building Bridges

After completing our Binance Smart Chain bridge, we knew we had to keep expanding Ternoa’s reach. That is why we have partnered with Elrond and completed our bridge with them by around 30%! Better known for its token $EGLD, Elrond will make the necessary changes to support Ternoa Time Capsules in their accounts and addresses. But it does not end there! We are also working on a Solana bridge, which is 90% complete.

Speaking of building bridges, Ternoa also announced a new partnership this month with the German company Tixl. This company will allow the project to build bridges much faster, so that Ternoa’s interoperability can hit new heights.

Ternoa was also noted as one of the most active blockchains in Polkadot. But we wanted to share very important news with our users: according to (a website that monitors market movements of Polkadot- backed projects), Ternoa ranks 29th in terms of capitalization, with a market cap of more than 17.7M dollars.

To understand the relationship between Ternoa and Polkadot, one must always take in mind the role of the Substrate Framework. Created to help developers that had to create blockchain technology from scratch, it provides them with a considerable development base. Thanks to it, Ternoa can deploy On-chain governance, nominated Proof of Stake protocols, achieve maximum network security and, as we have mentioned before, enable interoperability between ecosystems.

Community news

Now that Ternoa has established official communities for Spanish, Chinese, and Turkish speakers, the project’s team is picking up more and more community events to help boost these groups.

For example, Ternoa’s Deputy CEO, Clément Tequi, did an AMA with the PolkaWarriors’ Vietnamese community. Apart from that, Ternoa’s CEO, Mickael Canu, did a live interview with Le Journal du Coin this month giving a quick recap on the project’s main mission and what’s to come for the exciting testnet launch. You can see the full interview here:

NFT & 3k CAPS giveaway rewards program

We held a rewards program on our Pancakeswap Liquidity Pool, allowing participants to win up to 3k $CAPS and a unique NFT! Not only that, but the investment has an APR of up to 4000%. Stay tuned! More $CAPS rewards programs and staking opportunities are on the way.

The Ternoa team has been noticing the same questions always come up on the project, so, to make things more clear, they started new FAQ articles (so far there are 3: 1 2 3) outlining the details to the Ternoa Blockchain, it’s team, the $CAPS token and it’s partnerships to allow the community to have a more clear understanding.

Ternoa is hiring! We are looking for Senior Substrate developers, a Head of Blockchain Marketing, and a Blockchain Community Manager. Head up to and take the next step in your career!

Buckle up for the coming months!

September was surely a month to remember for the Ternoa blockchain. But you can be sure that we will be having more surprises for you in the coming days. If you want to be the first to know about them, follow us on our social media channels: Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram. Also, let us know what you think about our alpha Ternoa Wallet app (download for iOS and or Android).

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